Get Virtually Styled!


Whether your clothes don’t fit your lifestyle, body type or simply just aren’t appropriate for an upcoming event, the feeling of getting frustrated and stressed out over your wardrobe is never a fun experience to go through.

That’s why I have come up with a solution for anybody that feels like they’re in a style rut or have nothing to wear through virtual styling.

Yes, you read right, virtual styling!

I created an easy, convenient and most of all helpful styling service for women, that allows you to book a one-on-one online session with me — and really get down to the nitty-gritty.

I will provide tips and advice on how to maximize new and existing pieces in your closet and provide you with multiple outfits with shoes and accessories, only from brands you love!

So here’s the full rundown on how it all works:

1. First, purchase the style package that you want through Paypal. You could choose the “Bouji On A Budget” style package which is $25 or the “I Want It All” style package which is $80.

2. The “Bouji On A Budget” style package includes an email or phone consultation that will revolve around getting to know you! I’ll ask questions about your favorite brands, colors, style icons, body type, etc, and what you really want out of the session. From there, I’ll send you four outfit visuals with links, so you’ll be able to shop exactly what I send you!

3. The “I want it all” includes a consultation as well, except you’ll have the option to do a virtual closet cleanse and get three extra outfits in addition to the four, which will total to seven looks!

Bouji On A Budget Style Package $25


I Want It All Style Package $80


*Please fill this out when you’re done purchasing!*


After I pay you, how do we begin the session? Once you’re done paying, please fill out the contact form of your name, phone number and email address so we can begin!

How long will the style consultation last? If you would like to do it through email then you’ll just fill out a question form about your style and personal fashion goals and that’s it! If you want to do a phone call, I’ll ask the exact same questions in the email, just over the phone. Both will probably take about 15 minutes!

How do you go about styling me virtually? After the style consultation, I’ll send over an outfit collage that will include links and a description to your email. Each outfit will be sent one by one, and not all together. I’ll ask how you feel about the look, and we can then continue with the session.

Do I have to buy new clothes or can you style clothes I already own? With whichever style package you get, I can style your existing wardrobe! I can even mix the clothes that you already have with new shoppable ones. It’s totally up to you!

How does the virtual closet cleanse work with the “I Want It All” style package? We can do one or two things; you can either take flat lay pictures of each individual item you have in your closet and send them through email, or, we can do a live video chat where you can hold up the items that you own up to the camera, while I give my two cents on whether you should keep, donate or sale the item. Whichever one you decide to go with, both will be online and not in real life.

What if I want to switch style packages? You can! I’ll give you a refund and you can switch to whichever one you think you need. =)

What if I don’t like the looks that you send me? That’s totally ok. Bouji On A Budget”style package comes with two revisions, while “I Want It All” comes with one revision for all seven looks — but only if necessary. So if some looks don’t hit the jackpot, I’ll just remake the ones that you don’t like and resend them.

Why should I pick you as a stylist? Why shouldn’t you? Just kidding! Because I have lots of knowledge on style and fashion and have been studying it for years! Plus, I am certified in personal shopping and store assisting (meaning I went to school for this and graduated) so I know how to style people according to their body type, skin tone, personality and how to mix and match to the T. Also, I take my job seriously, so I’m all about making my clients as happy as possible and getting down to business.💁🏽

For any more questions about virtual styling or how my service works, you can comment down below in the comment section, or email me directly at for more inquiries.

xoxo – Arianna♥

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