New Changes

I first just want to mention something I feel is very important and very informative to anybody following, or viewing my blog. There has been new updates and new changes with my myself, my life and this site.

I have changed my hair, (now totally wearing it natural as you can see) changed my style, started a new job and hobbies, as well as changed Aricouture.
I kinda grew and changed over the past couple of months on how I generally look at things, and how I view my life and my blog.
If you guys noticed, I took a really long break during a certain point and time, simply because I modified a few things about my site.
I made it a little more to my liking, and got rid of all my other old post, changed some of the layout and coloring, as well some other tweaks and adjustments. All simply because I felt like the blog really wasn’t speaking to me or really wasn’t going where I hoped it to go, and overall just wasn’t who I was.

To be honest with you, things have been very hectic and very busy, and I kinda put aside my blog to attend to other things going on in my life. But now things feel a little different, I am still very busy, but am learning how to manage and balance out my time schedule throughout my day. I plan to make things work out and balance things out a little better, even if it seems like I can’t. There’s always a balance in life and I’m going to make the balance happen. :-}

So my point is, I’m going to try to post more regular, but also try not to overwhelm myself and post like every hour, everyday, or every other day, but more like once a week if I can (depending on my schedule). I still want to provide content for you guys, but I don’t wanna get stressed out over it where I’m not getting enough sleep, or panicking and rushing to throw out a post. I’m going to take my time and do what’s best for me. Blogs are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and things we actually like reading and writing about, so why not make it fun?

So just remember this. Life may get hectic, it may get stressful and overwhelming, but it only makes us stronger, wiser and better. Only do what you can handle, try to do your best, and everything will work out.

I hope you guys have an awesome day. (:


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