5 Tips To Get Out A Fashion Rut


Surprise! I did another post, a post that was actually posted earlier than expected. Might do another even quicker then this (I dunno will see) Anyhow though, today we’re going to be talking about fashion ruts. Fashion ruts can be really awful, tiring and frustrating. Simply because you don’t know what to wear, how to wear it or what to buy.
Well luckily, I have some great helpful tips to actually get you out your fashion rut, and into one fashionable happy gal. So let’s begin!

Know Your Style

 A lot of times most women really just don’t know their style, and that’s a really huge problem. Because then you buy things that you hate, because either (A.) it was on sale (B.) You just wanted to buy something but didn’t know what, or (C.) Someone pressured you to buy something that you knew you didn’t like but got it anyways. And because of those terrible combinations, you end up with an ugly closet that you’re not even proud of, all due to not having a sense of direction in your style. Making your closet into a lifeless, tasteless closet. So basically you wanna figure out what type of clothes you like wearing, what you look good in and what makes you feel great!

Get inspired

So the main solution and motivation on getting out your fashion rut, is feeling inspired. You can’t move forward if you don’t WANT to move forward. The thing I would suggest doing is, read fashion magazines, listen to inspiring speeches, maybe go on Pinterest or Instagram and look at a bunch of people on how they style their clothes. Also, look at fashion shows, I love fashion shows! I watch them all the time, and that helps me get inspired to try new ideas and do things I never even tried to do with my clothes. You can even look at your favorite celebrity for a guide to what to wear, just type in their name with style at the end and then hit images and bam! You see all their fab clothes. There is so many ways to get inspired with your wardrobe it’s endless. But once you find the direction and path you want with your style, then you’re automatically off to a good start. (:

Clean Out Your Closet

Oh gosh, the dreaded closet. I know you don’t wanna hear this, but listen. If you have a big closet, drawer, bin or whatever, please clean it out and get rid of the things you hate. Why is a sweater that you haven’t even worn since like..ten years ago in there? Or why are you even keeping those jeans that don’t even fit you in there!? Just get rid of it. Either donate it, sell it or toss it if its that tore up and ugly. You can only make room for the new if you get rid of the old, ok? So the key is, only keep the things you love, or the clothes you actually wear that still looks pretty decent, and through this, you will start to see your style developing even more. How? Because all the items you are keeping are actually items that you are actually drawn to and wear, they are your preference and your taste, not someone else’s, not an impulse buy or some flash-sale that you later hated, but because YOU actually LOVED it.

Go Shopping

So you clean out your closet and realize,“Dang, I am only down to four outfits”. Because all the rest of your clothes was nothing but a bunch of old regretted items that you got rid of. So how do you fix that? Go shopping! However, you go into the store with a new attitude and a new view. You shop for quality clothes, clothes that are not too trendy and will go out of style two months later, and clothes that actually speak to you. You also shop for clothes based on how they fit your body type, and if it actually compliments you and frames you nicely. Also ask yourself important questions like, “Is it too long or too short?” “Is the cut and shape flattering?” “Does it go well with my skin tone?” Then you shop for clothes that you know will actually go with the rest of your clothes, match your style as well as fit into your budget. And from there, your cart will look totally awesome and make you proud. (;

Learn From Your Mistakes

After you figured out your style, tossed out a bunch of your old clothes, and then bought new clothes, you wanna learn and grow from it all. It’s easy to make progress, but it’s hard to stick with the progress. Make sure you don’t fall back to old habits and get in a rut again. You need to use methods to stay in a good fashion zone. (like the first tip) is you need to always feel good in order to look good. That means being positive, complimenting yourself at least once a day in the mirror, and actually feeling good about yourself. Because when you actually apply all those things, then you start to carry yourself in a manner that enhances the clothes you’re wearing, making people notice you as soon as you enter a room. (Second tip) is, if you need help in finding clothes ask a friend or family member if the item looks good, sometimes suggestions can really help. However, if you don’t agree with the suggestion or just not falling in love with the item, then put it down, it’s not you.

(Third tip) remember to go shopping in a coherent mind frame, this way you stay focused and alert to everything around you. You don’t wanna go shopping either hungry, tired, lazy or angry and then pick out a outfit that represented all the things of the above. Go in a peaceful yet eager mind frame to get want you need, love want you picked out, and wear what you picked out.

I hope these 5 tips on getting out of a fashion rut really helped you and motivated you to make a change. Make any comments below about any thoughts and questions that you have, I would love to help and hear them. (:

I hope you guys have an awesome day!


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