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Looking stylish isn’t always easy, and sometimes we turn to the most comfortable yet unflattering things in our closet when were at home, just chilling away. We simply don’t care what people think because nobody sees us, were not in public, and we’re in the comfort of our home. But the truth is, is a lot of people think that’s okay, and that’s not okay, it’s actually a really huge problem. How? Because were practically only wearing the clothing that looks presentable, nice and that actually make us feel good, when were out and around people. But then do a complete 180, and only wear the clothes that make us feel and look like a slob in the house.

Basically your saying “I’m getting dressed for people and not me”, and that’s definitely not okay. You want to show your appreciation and your respect to yourself and others, but most of all YOU. So today I’m gonna be talking about How to always look stylish, rather you’re indoors or outdoors, because looking good, equals feeling good, and don’t we always that?…exactly, so let’s get right into it.

 Simple Tricks

The first tip, is simple tricks. What’s simple tricks? Simple tricks is easy subtle things in the outfit that you can practically do and change yourself to the clothing your already wearing. Their literally easy simple things like, rolling up or scrunching up your sleeves, cuffing your jeans, half tucking or side tucking your shirts, as well as caping your jackets, cardigan or blazers. Another great trick and favorite of mine, is tying a shirt around your waist; rather it’s a classic plaid shirt, a chambray top, or just a long jacket. this instantly becomes a total game changer in the outfit, and brings it up to a whole new level. I guarantee you, if you apply any of these subtle simple tricks to a just okay outfit, it will completely change it!


Accessorizing can actually be another subtle trick, but is in another category in itself, simply because it’s normally not apart of your outfit. However, when you do accessorize, it can completely change things too. Like statement necklaces, belts, rings, bracelets, hats, scarves, purses and backpacks; adds the perfect element in your attire that makes it look completely new and fresh. For instance, you could only be wearing a white tee, jeans and flats, and then put on a cute statement necklace, a wide brim hat and sling a black backpack on your back, and instantly you changed your outfit. There is so many possibilities and options you can do with accessories, it’s endless.


Now, you’re probably thinking lipstick is only good and appropriate outside the house. WRONG, you can wear lipstick inside the house too, even if your just chilling. Why? Well, lipstick is such a empowering tool, and such a confidence booster in your self-esteem. For example, in a recent study that I just read a not too long ago; said that over %90 percent of women actually felt that wearing  lipstick makes them feel more better and more confident about themselves than any other type of makeup on the market. And yes it does! I know for me, all I have to do is wear lipstick, and it automatically brightens and highlights my face making me feel even greater about myself. I’m telling you, wear any type of lipstick that really makes you feel awesome and like a real bad butt, and you will carry yourself in a whole new demeanor. Not only does lipstick make you feel more incredible, but it also makes you look far more put together and stylish. Remember this though, the lipstick can be in any shade, any color, in any type of form and design, rather it’s subtle or bold, Matte or glossy, as long as you like it, and feel great in it, then that’s all that matters. Just try it out if you haven’t, and you will feel like a super hero girl boss! (;

Go For The Basics

I know this sounds kinda stupid, but just go for the basics! If you’re feeling like a total slob in the morning and go straight for the washed out yoga pants and beat up hoodie, stop for a second, there’s always causal yet comfy things out there other then yoga pants and hoodies. Try and opt for more stretchy jegging type of jeans, that feel like a legging, but literally look like a jean. Or, try harem pants or jogger pants, there very stylish and comfortable yet also don’t make you look like a raggedy hobo. Another great alternative is; jumpsuits, rompers or overalls, their literally one outfit already done for you, basically you just have to put them on, place them over yourself and your practically done. Most jumpsuits, rompers and sometimes overalls are pretty comfortable, and not too unsettling to look at or wear, which is a really great second option. And for tops, just go for a basic tee shirt, sweater, or vest, but mainly in neutral colors and patterns, like black, white, beige, or stripes, so you can easily pair, mix and match with other items in your closet. So next time you enter your closet, just easily trade out the old yoga pants and hoodie for any of the items I just named, and you will automatically look so much more stylish.

Feel Confident

Confidence is very important, and like I mentioned before, if you feel great you look great, it’s literally that simple. Looking stylish is all really about the energy and vibes you put out that help increase the outfit your wearing. like I mentioned in 5 tips to get out a fashion rut, is to look in the mirror at least once in the day, and compliment yourself. It will build up your self worth and self-esteem, and slowly change the way you look at yourself. Once you put out the energy of knowing you’re beautiful and stylish, it will definitely show up in your outfit and will actually enhance it by so many notches. So make sure you’re actually feeling your worth and people will instantly see and acknowledge that about you. I promise!

Well I hope these tips, tricks and advice helped. Remember to always put your best face forward everyday, because you never know what you got till it’s gone. ( ;
And if you guys have any questions or thoughts about this post, let me know in the comments below, and I will be sure to reply to your comment.

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  1. I love the main point of your post and many of the tips are wonderful! (except, I really have an aversion against jeggins, but that’s my personal thing). Getting dressed up raises my self esteem tremendously!
    For me, instead of lipstick, it’s nailpolish 🙂 Bright, colourful, sparkly – anything goes! When I have to write a paper, post or anything that involves me and a keyboard, I always paint them. Mint coloured nails are incredibly motivating!
    And on the days I don’t feel like getting dressed at all, I just grab something in an energizing colour and I’ll automatically end up pulling together an outfit…

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    1. Oh great to hear, it’s good to know that some of the tips were helpful! It’s interesting though to hear what works for you, and what you like.😊


    1. Why thank you! Though I already got nominated by this exact same award sadly. It’s in the process of editing right now. 😊


  2. Indeed the above style tips are so handy when it comes to style and fashion. Great post!

    Meanwhile i nominated you to the “sisterhood award” . For details arw on my current blog post check it out.

    Remember participation is optional. If you do not want to, that is okay with me.

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