5 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Today we’re going to be talking about fashion hacks every girl should know. These tips and tricks are super handy and super useful, and can be used pretty much on the daily.

I thought to share these fashion hacks because some of you might not know about all the useful things you can do with your clothes and shoes, and could possibly be missing out on all the great life changing tricks!

So without further ado, let’s get started! (:

How to stretch out too tight shoes

So the first hack, is stretching out too tight shoes. Because trust me, too tight shoes are the worst thing a girl can feel. They rub, they hurt, they’re irregular and horrible, and just plain miserable. *Sigh* so how do you fix that? Well, it’s simple. First, is to grab newspaper and ball the newspaper into individual balls and stuff it inside the shoes. Next, you’re gonna leave the newspaper inside of the shoes for at least two to four days, (depending on how stretched you want your shoes to be). This will help expand the shoes and make them more roomy! So the next time you wear them, they will have more of a comfortable fit without any rubbing or pain.

How to get rid of stains in your clothing

We all drop something on our clothing, whether it’s food, liquid, or something else a little messy. Of course you can’t just run around with a giant sauce stain on your shirt, you need to get rid of it! So a quick way to get rid of stains, isto add lemon juice! Lemon juice has acid in it, which helps break up and dissolve just about any stains on your clothing. The acid works as a natural stain remover and will take up any sauce stains, juice stains and even body fluid that might be kinda tough and stubborn. All you have to do is squeeze a half a cup of lemon juice, one-fourth of detergent, and pour it into your washer machine. After it comes out the washer, you will notice the stain will no longer be there and your clothes will be cleaner, fresher and smell a little zesty!🍋

How to see if jeans fit without trying them on

Jeans are one of the toughest clothing items when trying on. They’re either too tight, too loose, weird, and never seem to fit correctly. Well no more fear because Arianna is here and will save you from your jean dilemma! So the best way to know if jeans fit or not, is to simply take your pair of jeans, and wrap the waistline around your neck. If the waistline comfortably meets at the back of your neck, then the jeans will fit. If you are having trouble with it, and the waistline isn’t touching each other, then the jeans will be too tight. Now if the waistline of the jeans overlap each other and seems a little too long, then the jeans are gonna be too big. Now how exactly does this work or not? Well since you’re wrapping the jeans around your neck, it’s also wrapping alongside your collar bones, and most women’s collar bones are around the same alignment/width as their hips, allowing a pretty honest answer to see if the jeans can fit past your hips or not. Now this hack was personally tested and tried, and I came to the conclusion it was actually pretty accurate and didn’t lie to me. Though I won’t be too haughty and say it works with everyone, because everyone has different body types. So try this technique for yourself and let me know in the comments below if it works for you or not.
If it works with you guys, this little trick will save you lots of time from trying those jeans in the dressing room!

 How to get rid of sweater pills

The average sweater has sweater pills, and oh gosh aren’t they dreadful!? It makes the sweater look old, unprofessional, and worn in. Luckily, there’s a great alternative to fix that problem without trying to hand-pick those annoying little lint balls.
And that’s to shave it! The razor is an inexpensive quick alternative from anything else, because majority of the people in the world own a basic shaving razor! It doesn’t have to be super fancy and the top most expensive brand, just a basic disposable razor that’s not too dull. It basically helps shave and remove all the lint and access fuzz on your sweater and makes it look brand new and lint-free. You can also do this on your tights too. It did wonders for me and picked up all the lint on my tights, and I was so-so happy. Just of course make sure you’re not rough with your razor because obviously you’re gonna ruin your garment and might tear or rip it. But other than that, feel free to shave off that lint!

How to quickly straighten your shirt collars

So you’re wearing your nice little peter pan collared shirt and you look in the mirror and notice the collars look a little out-of-place. So what’s a quick easy way to fix your collars without having to undress and iron it? Flat iron it! Just take your flat iron (preferably a small one) and carefully press down on the collars to flatten and smoothen them out. The flat iron does not have to be extremely hot, or super low, but just enough to straighten out the collars. This way, you can still rock that cute shirt without having to take it off and do the whole works. Also, another great thing about this hack, is that if you use a flat iron on your hair and notice your collars need a touch up too, you can easily wipe down the inside of the flat iron and go straight into fixing your collars. It’s that simple!!

Well, that’s it for today folks. I hope you enjoyed my post about fashion hacks. Don’t forget to like, share, and tell how all these tips and tricks worked for you in the comments!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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