(Video) Spring Fashion Haul Video Plus Try Ons!!!

Hello everybody, I hope you guys are having a lovely day! Today I thought to share with you guys a pretty big fashion haul that I got from this month and a little bit from last month. I haven’t posted in a while so I thought to make it up to you guys with a all new fashion haul since I don’t do videos often. I mean for crying out loud, this is only my second video on my blog! So I definitely have to do more videos…Am I right?;)

Anyways though, this fashion haul is a bit different from my last one. My video editor was finally working a lot better, so I thought to insert some clips of me wearing my new items that I got and kinda edit up the scenes a bit more. It’s nothing too extravagant and fancy..but hey, I’m new to my editor actually working for once and not acting like a stupid butt pie. So because of that, I thought to take advantage of it and make a video for you guys. I would explain more in detail about what’s wrong with my video editor, but *sigh* it’s a long story. -.-

Well here is the video down below. I hope you guys enjoy it!

These are all the things that I got from Forever 21 and Amazon. (leggings, tights, leopard print sneakers, hoodie dress, varsity jacket, denim jacket, bomber jacket, purse, crown ring).

This concludes this post, I really do hope you guys liked this video. Don’t forget to like this post, share and of course tell which item was your favorite. And until next time, bye guys!


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