How To Be Fashion Smart

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What’s up you guys, I hope you are having a fantastic Friday! Today I’m going to be talking about How to be fashion smart. Being fashion smart is very vital if you want to pursue your career in anything fashion related, or simply just have a love for it. Rather you’re into fashion designing, styling, writing, blogging or even verbally talking about it. You want to be well-educated and fluent in the thing your deeply passionate about. This means not only dressing and looking the part, but also knowing the fashion brands, trends, the history behind the fashion, being smart when shopping for fashion, as well as knowing all the different fashion terms and pronunciations. 

So without further ado, lets hop right into it!

Know Your Brands

You first want to make sure you know your brands and designers. People will name drop like crazy when you get into the fashion industry, and I mean CRAZY! So you want to make sure you know who or what they’re talking about. If they say “OMG, I just love my new Ashish jeans!” Do you really know who that is? Exactly. So you want to make sure you really research the brand and the designer, as well as really get to know different ones and not just a couple. Meaning you should research the little designers, to the really big icons that already made it in the industry. You also want to make sure you learn their upbringing, their aesthetic, what they specialize in, and really getting to know their style and who they are as an individual and brand. This way, when somebody name drops, you can flick your hair and be like. “Oh, yeah I know them too”.😌

 Know The Trends

Trends are very important whether people want to admit or not. It’s typically want keeps fashion moving and growing. Otherwise…we might of still been wearing robes and sandals till this day. You want to make sure you pay attention to the trends to know what’s gonna be next, and what’s gonna be hot. The best way to know this, is to watch fashion shows, look through magazines, browse through the mall, look at blogs and really pay attention to whats been appearing and showing up a lot. Once you begin to see a pattern of something, that’s how you know it’s a trend and gonna snowball into something big. Now you don’t have to be a slave to the trends and obsess over it, you can simply get inspiration from them and sometimes try them out to see if you like them or not, but you don’t have to constantly wear EVERY single trend that comes out.

 Know Your Fashion History

Like I mentioned with the whole robe and sandals thing, you want to know your different eras and time frames. Fashion goes through so many changes, and will completely transform in a very short amount of time. And Because of that, you want to study and research past trends and fashion styles from different time eras, like the 50’s, the 60’s, the 70’s etc, so you can kinda incorporate it to your current style or get ideas of what was once really popular. Now since fashion always recycles itself, this will also help you in the trend department too and you will recognize that most designers just pull from past eras to make the current trends and fads. So it’s important to really educate yourself through a history book, videos, old movies or even old television shows, to really know what people wore and what was trendy at a certain point and time.

Know Your Terms & Pronunciations

Do you know your neats from your knife-pleats, your paisleys from your daisies? Or how to actually say haute couture or prêt-à-porter? Knowing your fashion terms and pronunciations is very important in the fashion world, and being able to say and know what a word means is very vital. You want to be able to have a fluent conversation without botching or mispronouncing a designers name, a garments name or literally having no clue on what something stands for. Fashion people will use a lot of different terms and words to describe clothing, shoes, jewelry, prints and more; so you want to make sure you learn and really educate yourself about that. You can look it up on the internet, go to the library or even ask someone about all the different colors, cuts, patterns, garments etc, so you literally know what you’re talking about. Here’s some fashion dictionaries of all the little different fashion terms, apparel names, textiles and colors, as well as how to pronounce different designer names. Don’t worry, I gotcha covered. (;

Know your Budgets

So being fashion smart also means being a smart shopper. A true fashionista loves fashion but also loves a good deal. Many people get in trouble because after they know of these high-end designers and see all their beautiful designs (rather on the runway, online or in the store) they want to buy it and have to have it. However, that’s not a very good business choice. If you do want to buy a luxury item, make sure you put money aside for it, and not just splurge and buy it without even thinking. A lot of designer things can get up to thousands of dollars! And even though it’s made with better quality and materials, I’m pretty sure rent and food is bit more important than that new LV bag. So I’m not saying not to get designer things, just make sure you’re smart in the money compartment and getting your priorities straight. (Plus, there’s always knock offs. Not sure if your that type of gal though, but I’m just saying.💁)

Well this concludes this post. I hope this really helped somebody learning or wanting to get in the fashion industry. The whole point of this post was to help and make you want to educate yourself a bit more of what your actually passionate about. Anyway, I’ll see you guys next time, and until then, bye guys!



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