How To Avoid A Fashion Disaster

I think we can all agree that fashion disasters are probably one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially if your out and around people. It can unfortunately happen to just about anyone at just about anytime, and be totally humiliating. 

I mean let’s be real, the feeling of someone seeing your garment either ripped, opened or flung up, is absolutely unforgettable! So here’s some tips to avoid any nerve-racking embarrassing situations.

Lay out your clothes the day before

The first tip to avoid a fashion disaster is to lay out your clothes the day before. Not only will you feel so much more organized and planned when laying out your clothes, but laying out your clothes the day before will help save you from looking like a hot mess and a crazy disaster. This hack helps you pick out an outfit according to the following day weather; so rain, wind and other outdoor elements can’t sabotage your outfit, as well as help you plan outfits for any kind of special event/errands you’re going to. For instance, if you have to go to a party, a store, the movie theater, ect, it helps give you a general idea of what to wear and what will be appropriate for the following day.

Bring a fashion emergency kit

I cannot stress any further of how important these things are. I guarantee you, if you invest in a good fashion emergency kit with a wide variety of handy little pieces, it will be a total life saver! Whether your shoes decide to rub and act up, a shirt keeps getting out-of-place, or something major decides to tear, these fashion emergency kits will be there to your rescue. All you have to do is just find a good quality one that gives you your bang for your buck, and you’re good to go! Here’s a Hollywood fashion emergency kit and a School Of Style fashion kit, which comes with a lint remover, fashion sticky tape, deodorant stain remover, a zipper closer and much-much more; to save you from a whole lot of fashion malfunctions!

Get reassurance

If you’re with a family or friend, don’t be afraid to ask if everything is okay with your outfit. Just be like “Hey, is my dress still zipped in the back?” “Do I have any hair on my sweater?” Just simple questions like that, and if the person says “yes” well now you now know. Because finding out the hard way is never a good thing, and it’s always better to catch things early then too late. You would hate to put on your favorite outfit thinking you’re all that and a bag of chips, and turns out there’s a giant butt hole in your jeans, and you’re walking around a busy, bustling city and everybody sees EVERYTHING.🙈 So please do yourself a favor and ask “Is everything okay?” And just look in the mirror. I know it sounds like a common sense thing to do, but unfortunately some people forget to do these things.

And that concludes my tips to avoid any kind of fashion disaster and malfunction. I hope this post gave you some insight on what to do before heading out the door, and how to be extra prepared!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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