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Hello guys, thanks for stopping by another segment of Ask Ari, where I answer followers or fellow viewers questions, about anything regarding fashion and style. Today I’m going to be replying to a twitter question that I got some time back ago, about stores that carry plus size dresses for larger figures. So here’s what she had asked.

“Hi i’m from imodelsholdings, impressed to see your post. I Just want to ask you a question ie. What kind of designer dresses looks good for the larger figure”

Excellent question you got there. Unfortunately in the fashion industry there aren’t many fashion designers that really sell nor cater towards larger figures in general which is a pretty sad, bias thing. However, There are a few good designer stores that do carry good, quality dress styles for plus size women, that’re stylish, flattering and even trendy too.

So I can surely list a couple for you, as well as list all the dress styles that are very figure flattering for a plus size body shape, so you can get a general idea of stores to shop at, as well as styles to start buying.

Great designer stores that carry plus size dresses

These stores are pretty well-known and high-end, with sizes that range from 1x-3x. I thought to pick out some dresses in the highlighted links down below, so that you can easily see the different types of dresses I selected ranging from party dresses, casual dresses, evening dresses etc, to give you quite a bit to choose from.

Dress styles that flatter full figure body shapes

You don’t want anything that doesn’t flatter your figure just like with any body shape. But you do want it to compliment and highlight the parts you’re proud of, as well as camouflage anything you’re not so proud of. So here are some good plus size dress styles to look for in stores.

  • Sheath dresses
  • A-line dresses
  • Swing dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Wrap style dresses

Dress prints that compliment full figures

(Now if you’re the type of gal that doesn’t mind crazy, wild prints, THEN GO FOR IT!) However, if you’re not that type of gal, then you want to make sure you don’t go for anything too loud and too busy, that will only draw in attention to places that you may or may not be too found of. So if you do want to kind of conceal or hide anything, go for subtle and structured prints that can still speak, blend yet flatter your figure. Here are the top prints to achieve that look.

  • Vertical prints
  • Horizontal prints
  • Side panel prints
  • Geometric prints
  • Small leopard or floral prints

Well that concludes this post, I hope this kind of helped you find at least one good dress out of these stores, or at least discovered the different dress styles to now look for. If anybody else has a fashion question, style dilemma or simply needs help with an outfit decision, you can drop it in the comments below or email at my at

xoxo – Arianna♥

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