How To Be A Succesfull Online Shopper

Ever wondered how to be more successful when buying online? Well luckily I’ll be sharing with you guys my top seven tips to be far more successful, then any other online-shopping trip in your life! These tips will definitely save you from any online disappointments, regrets and frustrations and will only leave you totally happy and satisfied.

Know what you want

Knowing what you what is extremely important when online shopping or actually even shopping in general in that matter. You don’t want to just browse through stores and buy any and everything, but you want to make sure you shop with a clear visual idea of what you need and what you want. I know sometimes a lot of people do impulse buys without even second guessing (which I myself am guilty of occasionally) which only leads to items we don’t wear nor actually even like all that much. So make sure you have a specific item or items in mind, to fully achieve and conquer your online shopping mission.

Find stores with the best bargains

The fastest way to find the best bargains and deals that online stores have and are offering. Is to either sign up with coupon places to notify you on whether stores are running special promos, sales and deals, or to go to special online comparing sites like Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, the, etc, to find specific items you want at the lowest prices available. This will help you get the best bargain when shopping online as well as save you on a little extra moolah in your pocket.

Look at the size chart

Before you head to the virtual checkout, make sure you actually know your exact measurements to determine what size you should actually be ordering. If you’re shopping on websites like ASOS, Net-a-Porter or Shopbop that carry multiple brands on the site, you’ll need to be extra careful since certain brands offer different clothing sizes, which can obviously lead into something being either too small or too big. Now even if you’re just shopping at a place like Forever 21, Old Navy, American Eagle etc, that normally only sell their original brands and products, you still need to understand what size you are through their size chart in order to get the exact size you need.

Study the product picture

Always pay attention and observe the product picture. Sometimes from a quick glance it looks pretty good, but the more you start to look at it the more you start to realize, it ain’t all that. A good way to tell a true legit product, is if the picture shows all four or more sides of the garment, shows the model in it, as well as gives clear quality photos of it as well. If the model wearing (let’s just say a distressed denim jacket) but is doing an odd pose or not showing a certain part of the garment, then that might be due to an unflattering cut/design or cheaply made parts that the site is trying to secretly hide. So be careful of any scammy products that brands sometimes sell on their websites!

Research the product material

Since you can’t touch the fabric and often can’t distinguish what the texture that particular piece is just by looking at it, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the fabric content and how it feels. I would suggest to go through your closet and find the pieces that you absolutely love as well as anything that you don’t like as much, and check the tags to see what it is made out of. This way, you know what materials to avoid buying and what materials to actually start buying and investing in. This will also determine on whether to get that particular item you’re eyeing or not, if it is made out of a fabric that you don’t quite care for.

Read reviews and policies

Be prepared and familiarize yourself with customer reviews and the store’s return policies before you order. You want to make sure you’re actually buying a good quality product that actually seems to be what it puts out to be. If the reviews or stars on the item is kind of low and shady, then without a doubt you probably shouldn’t even put it in your cart. If the people reviewing it actually gave bad reviews that actually seem to make sense and seem logically correct of why they rated it the way they did, then there is high chance it’s not a good product and deserves the backlash that it got. Now when looking at the store’s policies, you want to look for things like their views on free returns, exchanges, restocking fees and what all payment methods you can make. If the store is really limited and strict and doesn’t have good policies nor has good reviews on your particular item you’re looking at, then you probably should look somewhere else that carries similar styles but with better product reviews and guidelines.

Double check EVERYTHING

To avoid buying things you’ll later hate and regret, ask yourself if it’s something you need, can wear with other items you have and if the overall bill of the cart is affordable. Make sure you add your item or items to the cart and really ponder on these things. Give it a couple of days, a week maybe…or even two weeks in that matter, to really make sure you’re thinking about all types of aspects and corners before purchasing the item. If everything seems like it’s a winner as far as the style of it, the pattern/color of it, its reviews and sizing, the store’s policy and even the pricing of it, then you can go on ahead and proceed to checkout.

Alright guys, this is all I have for today, I hope these seven steps on how to be a successful online shopper helped and gave you new ideas to now look for and shop for. If there is anything I seemed to miss and not cover, feel free to ask it in the comments below and I would love to answer it as soon as possible. Also, tell me what’s the best way you like to shop and your favorite stores to buy from, I want to know!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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