I’m Selling My Clothes On Vinted!👗

These clothes are not up for sale. Check out my Vinted page to see which clothes that are available!

Hey everybody, happy Friday! I hope you are enjoying your day to the utmost. Today I’m going to be talking about a fashion mobile app that I’m currently on, called “Vinted”. Which is an app you get to buy, sell and swap clothes with other people on the app or close by near you.

You can also bargain your prices, make forums, browse through catalogs, shop through what’s trending and new, add descriptions and hashtags; And much-much more. This app is great for any kind of fashionista that loves clothes, wants to clean out her closet as well as make a little extra cash too.

Sporting my fro, you like?

That’s why I’m telling you guys about it, because you can be a part of the fun too. All you have to do is sign up, take pictures of your clothes and begin the selling and money; trust me, it doesn’t take long to do and is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The only down fall I have with the app, is that sometimes selling your clothes can get pretty slow and stagnant occasionally, and getting a lot of buyers can be kind of scarce some months. But I mean hey, that’s just a part of business and life, not everything can be fast paste and perfect like how you want it to be. Am I right?💁

Anyway though if you don’t mind hustling for sells, bargaining prices and cleaning out your closet, then I think you would be highly interested in joining the Vinted community. So here is Vinted’s app link for any of you that may be an iPhone or Android user, so that we can both be Vinted/Blogging buddies. Also, here is my Vinted page where I am currently selling all my clothes from my closet, with FREE SHIPPING on today only…yes that’s right, TODAY only. So don’t be afraid to swing by and check out my Vinted page and I surely won’t be afraid to swing by and check out yours!

See y’all at Vinted, bye!🙋


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