(Video) Back To School Lookbook!✏📚

What’s up my toy poodles? I hope you are having a fantastic week and day! Today I’m going to be doing my very first back to school look-book on my blog, which is actually just my very first fashion look-book period!

Now in case you didn’t know this already, but since I was always home-schooled and never had to go to any type of school before, (and still don’t luckily)😌. I never had the experience of the back to school shopping craze, of picking out new clothes, shoes and supplies because there literally would be no point as of why I would even need that.
I had homework and new fashion to sport all year round, and there was no specific season or day when I had to really up my game up and get ready. However, being a generous heart that am, I still thought it would be fun to give YOU guys some fresh inspo and new ideas of what to wear during your first few days of going back to school, so you can be totally in-style, and on fleek when going back to class. So without further ado, I hope you guys really do enjoy my very first bts look-book and really do like it to the utmost.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

(Music by Ryan Little and Blank Kytt)

Don’t forget to comment which outfit out of the three was your favorite in the comments down below; as well as like and share this post too. And until next time, I’ll see you guys next week and hope you enjoy the rest of your day.



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  1. I just hit that follow button and just watched this video, and you did an amazing job with the editing! Keep up the great work. Also, I really liked outfit number two. I could see myself wearing something on the line of that.


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