August Wishlist

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your day! Today I thought to drop by and share with you guys some of my clothing/accessory wishlist items, that I’m currently hoping to buy for this month and maybe even for next month.

Now a lot of these items that I have in my wishlist have been a long-time dream of mine for quite some time now, and are no-doubt in the pile of my absolute faves that I’m dying to have and own in my wardrobe. However, I already know I won’t be able to get all of these clothes and accessories in a blink of an eye, (because that would be straight up weird.) But I do plan on getting a few of these things for the month of August/September, and will hopefully be able to cross them off my never-ending wishlist.

So let’s begin naming these current items I’m hoping to buy:

August clothes wishlist.jpg

1. So the very first item I am literally saving all my pennies, dimes, nickles and dollars for; Are just these basic, plain white sneakers that everybody and their momma seem to have and I don’t. Therefore making it my top priority to actually invest in some good ol’classic white Ked’s sneakers, that I have been eyeing for like…FOREVER now.

2. I’m really looking at a new pair of boyfriend jeans, because they’re very versatile, comfortable type jeans that I truly do want to wear and own in my wardrobe. However, the pair of jeans I actually thought were like the that I bought not too long ago, were nothing but a ratchet, piece of hot mess that looked awful and was too big on me. So I guess my second choice of jeans that I’m sorta-kinda eyeing is these pair.

3. This backpack is totes adorable, but too dang expensive. I have it in my favorites, but…I don’t think I will be buying it anytime soon sadly. I just like its eye design and the glitter/shimmer that’s over the backpack, because it gives it a lot of personality and uniqueness. But other than that, I seriously don’t think I could ever afford it. :/

4. I’m looking for more ankle/no-show socks, because I wear a lot of shoes that show off my ankles and thought these would look kinda cute peeking out a bit, and adding a little something-something to my shoes. But I don’t know, my heart isn’t officially set on them, they’re just a potential pair of ankle socks that I think are cute.

5. I’ve always wanted a pair of iron on fashion stickers, or really quirky fashion clips to put on my clothes for quite some time now. Because I think adding them on your denim jackets, jeans or shorts really do add a lot of character and charm to your outfits, and really do kick them up by like ten notches. So this particular set at Nordstrom are pretty cute and really did catch my attention.🍟🍔🍹

6. I’ve been using a broken strapped digital watch for a long time now, and I think it’s about time I get a new one. However, I think I would like something different from what I usually buy and wear, and get one that has more color and design like this one. I normally prefer digital type watches since for me it’s easier to tell time with, but I think I’m going to step outside the box and maybe try a face watch this time.

7. As we all know Fall is right around the corner, and that means stock piling on sweaters, cardigans, coats and any other warm fuzzy knitted thing to keep us safe and cozy. That’s why I thought to start looking for some cute long-sleeved sweaters and ended up liking this adorable pineapple sweater, and adding it to my clothing wishlist. I know Pineapples are kind of a Summer thing, and seem to be associated with Summer. But the fact it’s still a sweater makes it still appropriate for Fall right?

Well this seems to wrap things up guys. I hope you all enjoyed seeing SOME of my potential wishlist items that I’m currently crossing my fingers to hopefully buy sooner or later. Make sure to like this post, follow my blog as well as comment in the comments below and tell which item you think I should buy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Or 7? I want to know!

Bye guys!!!


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