Fall Wardrobe Staples

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Rocking the Fall trends

If you guys didn’t check the calendar already, Fall starts September 22nd, and that means heading to the shopping malls, online stores and any other clothing store that you typically shop at, to start getting the necessary staples for this upcoming season.

Meaning we got to start saying goodbye to our good ‘ol friend Summer and start getting ready and preparing for the next transition! And with that being said, I thought to compile the top four most stylish and trendiest pieces going around in the fashion world, that I think every fashionista should have in her closet!

So let’s jump right into it!

 Bomber Jackets

Bomber jacket is from Dresslink

The bomber jacket is like the ultimate street-style, cool-girl jacket that has been dominating and ruling the magazines, the blogs, the catwalks and everything else in between for the past couple of months now. This trend is seriously HOT and everywhere, and is definitely a great, go-to stylish jacket for the Fall time. Not only will it keep you looking in-style and on part, but you won’t have to sacrifice and give up on the warmth from your regular fleece jacket since it provides just that.

Button Down Skirts

Skirt is from Forever 21

Every single girl who is labeled a “cool girl” has owned and rocked a button down skirt and wears it with a blazing confidence of knowing she’s cool. This skirt is such a ’70s, chill yet fun type of garment, that can easily be dressed up and down, worn with tights, worn by itself and more! I feel like if you don’t already own this amazing kind of skirt, you’re missing out on feeling like the most trendiest gal in the world.


This Bandana was actually from my sister, but I don’t know where she bought it from, haha!

Bandanas are like the new “it” accessory that have been popping up on quite a bit of street style stars, bloggers and models, who have been slaying the western scarf with pride. I feel like it’s a great little accessory to wear when the weather is transitioning to the early, lower 60s, since you don’t really want to wear a full-on scarf around your neck. These add just enough warmth to your look while also providing some extra pazazz!

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are from Famous Footwear

Ankle boots no matter what the year is, seems to always be in style, and that’s one of the great things about these adorable little boots. You can wear them year after year, and still look really fashion-forward and trendy. These suckers look great with just about any kind of mini skirt, skinny jean or legging and really do make your legs look a lot longer! 

Alright guys, thanks so much for taking the time to read my top four Fall wardrobe staples. I hope you now have a general idea of the things to start buying and looking for when you’re out shopping or browsing through the online stores!

xoxo – Arianna♥



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