How To Look Good In Every Photo

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Have you ever looked at an old picture of yourself and literally cringed and frowned of the awfully jarring, unbearable appearance of it? Well trust me, you are definitely not alone, because that has happened to me waaaay to many times to even count. Which is why  I thought to put together my top four handy-dandy tips and tricks that you can use, in just about any kind of photo that you take.

So let’s hop right into these tips!

Know your angles

Knowing your good and bad angles are key. You don’t want to always show off your bad side or keep doing really unflattering, frumpy positions that only result in really bad outcomes that you’ll later regret and hate. Try to always pose on the sides that seem to make you appear the best in, that actually seem to compliment and enhance your overall appearance.
So great angles that normally look the best in pictures are: Turning to the side with one hand on the hip. Putting one leg in front of the other. Elongating your neck.Tilting your face slightly upward. As Well as of course giving a big, wide yet natural smile.

 Always have great lighting

Having great lighting in a picture is the equivalent of getting to go in any mall of your choice and getting free clothes for a full entire year. It is seriously that awesome and wonderful!
I tell you, good lighting is like your absolute bff that can make the picture so much better and brighter. Especially outdoor lighting or indoor lighting that’s in the early morning or in the peek of the afternoon, to get the best overall results in the image. Try to avoid taking pictures in any shadowy, dark places that will only make your photos turn out really grainy and unappealing to look at.

 Put your best face forward

You never want to look back at a picture and be like “Man, I look sad and miserable”. Because having a really gloomy, depressing look on your face is never a good thing to look back onto. That’s why it’s super important to always put your best face forward, smile and wear something that you actually love and feel good in; so you can feel really proud of the overall outcome of the photo, and even like it for many years down the line.

Feel confident

Feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera is also a really handy trick. I always scrap out any photos of myself if I find I look to be too awkward, unsteady and nervous looking when the picture is being taken; because it only makes you appear really weird and uncomfortable. So try to kinda laugh, talk and think of something funny and wacko, to kinda help take your mind off of the person or photographer taking a picture of you, to help even out the nerves a bit.
This will most certainty help the photos turn out a lot more natural and down to earth looking, since YOU as the main subject of the picture, feels confident with yourself and with the camera.

Take a bunch of pictures!

In order to look good in just about every photo you’re in, you have to take a bunch! Don’t ever just settle with 1, 5 or 10 pictures that you quickly took on your smartphone, but seriously take as many as your camera allows you to. For me, I can take at least 100-200 pictures and only come out with maybe 5-7 that look really good and that I’m actually proud of. Because I know I will have these photos with me on my blog, in a photo album and so and so forth; and I want to really make sure I come out with the golden gems I’m really happy about. So remember to always take as many photos as you can in order to weed and feed through them all, so you’re only left with the ones that you truly love and think best represent you, your style and your overall personality.

Thanks guys so much for reading my 5 tips and tricks on how to always look good in photos. Make sure to like this post, follow my blog and comment down below on some of your tips and tricks on taking pictures and what works the best for you. 

And until next time, I’ll see you guys later…



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    1. Hahaha yes Filipa, lighting is always tricky and seems to always sabotage pictures. But if it’s done right, it does wonders for it!

      Have a great day too!!!


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