(Video) Ask Ari: How To Style Plaid Shirts


Hey everybody what’s up? I hope you’re having an excellent week! Today I’m going to be doing a Ask Ari video, which is basically a little mini q&a of me answering one of you guys fashion questions.

Now normally I do these types of q&a’s in a standard text post, but this time I thought it would be more fun and interesting to do it in a video!

In the video, I answer an email that I got not too long ago, about how to style a long plaid shirt that one of my viewers had bought. I break down a couple of ways on how they can style it during the Fall time with tips and photo examples!

So make sure to watch the video down below! And while you’re at it, make sure to hit me up with a fashion question at askaricouture@gmail.com, and I’ll be sure to respond back in a post or video.

Bye guys!

xoxo – Ariannaβ™₯

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