Come Check Out My $5 & Below Vinted Sale!😮

These clothes that I’m wearing are not up for sale. Check the Vinted link to see which clothes are available for purchase.

Hey everyone how’s your week been going so far? Mine has been pretty productive and a little busy, but nonetheless really good! I went through my closet a couple of days ago and begin sorting out all the things I no longer wear nor like anymore and put them on a selling app, called Vinted.

Now in case you weren’t already aware of Vinted, I’ve mentioned this app in a previous post that I did, about how you could join the app with me and begin selling your clothes for money. But if you somehow managed to forget or miss out on that post, you can simply click on the link up above and it should tell you all the deets.

Anyway though, I decided to do a little Fall closet clean out and get rid of some items that weren’t really speaking to me anymore, and sell them on Vinted. So if you’re interested in checking out my new items that I’m listing, you can go check out my Vinted page right here, where I’m currently during a major-mega sale on all my items that I have, which takes a grand 60%-80% off! This huge mega sale is so incredibly awesome, it makes all my items from my Vinted closet $5 and under, which is practically insane and mind-blowing!

Now normally I don’t do sales very often, but I just thought to be generous and kind to all my fellow blog followers/Vinted followers, who are secretly eyeing a couple of my clothing items that I have. ;)

So you might want to hurry up, because this $5 and below sale is lasting for today and tomorrow only, and things might leave fast!

See you at Vinted✌😜 xoxo – Arianna♥

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