My Top 4 Fashion Bloggers & Youtubers

Reading fashion blogs and watching my favorite YouTubers are two of the things that I love to do. It’s so incredibly interesting to see all the kinds of wonderful content people take the time to make, that really is inspiring and captivating to watch and read about. It really does help develop a lot more creativity and new ideas of all the things that I could do with my own blog, and help spark a light that I might not have ignited.

That is why I thought to share with you guys some of my top 4 fashion bloggers and Youtubers that I’m currently following and subscribed to, so that you can get a gaze on some of the people that I get my style, post and outfit inspiration from; so that maybe you can discover and learn from these people too.

So let’s begin.


IAmKareno is a Chinese fashion, beauty and lifestyle guru who’s name is really just Karen Yeung; and has earned over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. This girl is very talented and creative with her Youtube channel and really does have an incredible eye for fashion and editing her videos. Karen is probably one of my favorite people on Youtube because her style is very young, bright and colorful and definitely has a bit of a ’80s and ’90s flare to her, which I totally admire and love.

Tolly Dolly Posh

Now Tolly Dolly Posh is a 16 year-old fashion blogger from Britain that I just recently discovered, and am already inspired by her style and her writing. Her blog aesthetic is a little down to earth and pastelic, yet still has a very youthful touch to it. Tolly is still really young but has made it on several appearances on different media outlets, like the Telegraph Magazine, BBC Radio 4, illamasqu, Girl Talk and many other popular news and blog sites, and is totally taking the fashion world by storm.

A Bent Piece of Wire

Justina Sharp…who is the same age as me, is a funny, stylish, and entertainment fashion blogger that has been blogging ever since she was thirteen years-old. She is best known for her in-depth interviews of up-and-coming and established figures in the fashion and entertainment industries, including Laura Brown, Rebecca Black, and R5 as well as extensive personal style and travel coverage that she also blogs about. Justina is also very active on social media like Instagram and Twitter, with an estimated 50,000 followers across both platforms which is quite amazing for just a teenage fashion blogger!

Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie is a famous American beauty guru and YouTube star who specializes in girl hacks, diys, vlogs, hauls, lifestyle tips and more, and has two successful vlogging and main channel spaces that are very-very popular and well known. She also is often seen with her older sister Ashley Nicole, and she too, has a successful Youtube channel with similar videos and content. Alisha Marie is often smiling, laughing and being known for her outgoing and bubbly personality that’s oh-so very entertaining and fun to watch, and definitely has grown to be one of my top Youtubers!

Thanks guys for reading my favorite four Youtubers and Bloggers that I am currently loving and following. I hope that you now know who I am a fan of and like to watch and read about. Make sure to list some of your favorite Youtubers and Bloggers in the comments down below so we can all share and discuss on who were all following!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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