Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful week and enjoying your day so far! I just thought to swing by like I usually do on Fridays, and show you all what I’m currently wearing!✨

So today’s outfit is a little on the edgy more daring side, yet still has a really fun, young touch to it. I simply just threw on a patched-up distressed denim jacket over a simple black tank top that I have, with a really cute pair of paisley printed flowy shorts, tights, combat boots, and my go-to compact backpack that I normally always wear, with my really cool tie around choker necklace. Now since this is a layered but kind of light look, it is absolutely perfect for those Fall days that are kind of warm and sunny out, where you can wear just about anything you want, and still not be cold. Which in my opinion, is the best but rarest kind of days in Fall, because you don’t have to worry about bundling up as much. (:


This patched up/distressed denim jacket is from Amazon


My tasseled tie around choker necklace is from Forever 21
These paisley printed flowy shorts are from Amazon


Tights are from Forever 21 and my combat boots are from Amazon


Backpack is from Amazon and the puff ball attached to it is from Aliexpress

Thanks guys so much for stopping by my blog, I hope you really did enjoy my outfit that I wore today, and hopefully got a little bit of inspiration from it. Make sure to leave a comment down below of what you all thought about my outfit, as well as what piece was your favorite.

And until next time, I will see you all later. Bye guys!


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