How To Go From A Day-To-Night Look, Using These Simple Styling Tips

Ever wondered how to easily transition from a day-to-night look without having to completely change your outfit? Well today, I’m going to be breaking down some of my simple styling tricks that can easily take you from a day look, to a night look, in a matter of minutes!

These super easy styling tricks will most definitely help you transition to whatever kind of morning to later night plans you have to attend to, without having to buy a last-minute outfit at the mall or literally rushing to and fro places just to make it at the designated time of your event.

I will show you an outfit example of how to exactly style your everyday classic wardrobe staples, so that you can easily transform and elevate your outfit to another level!

So here are some handy styling tricks that you can do to easily transition from a day-to-night look, all by swapping out and adding onto existing pieces that you probably already own in your closet!

d and n look.jpg
A day-to-night outfit I created in Polyvore

Wear a LBD or a two-in-one garment as a transitional piece

If you know you’re going to be going out later that night, try to go for comfortable two-in-one garments as your basic layering piece for better convenience when getting dressed. For example, go for things in your closet that already include a top and a bottom, like a neutral colored jumpsuit, a simple tie around romper or a really cute lace front LBD. These types of pieces can be versatile when adding on additional pieces to your outfit and will come in handy if you’re ever in a hurry to quickly get to A to B!

Switch out your denim jacket for a classic moto jacket

Denim jackets are normally a key essential in every woman’s wardrobe, and normally are worn in the morning and afternoon. But when you need something a little warmer and dressier for when the night-time approaches, a really good, constructed leather jacket will be your go-to jacket. It will instantly spruce up your outfit and some spice!

Swap out your everyday flats with edgy ankle boots

Flats are appropriate for when you’re making errands, hanging out with friends, etc, but when you’re looking for an extra boost in height and edginess, a simple black ankle boot will not only help deliver that extra inch and edge but will be just as comfortable as a pair of flats! Boots are the perfect pair of shoes when you want comfort but still want to dress up a look.

Wear a versatile purse for both day and night time

Instead of wearing a bucket bag, a tote or a hobo bag, opt for a long strap clutch for both your day and night purse, so you can carry it either by the straps or on your shoulders during the day time, and then wear it like a normal clutch during the night-time. This way, you can have an instant and easier transition when it’s time go out.

Wear dainty jewelry pieces that’s conservative and comfortable

Now since you already know you’re going to be out just about all day long, there’s a high chance you don’t want to wear anything too bulky and uncomfortable. Meaning you might want to go for more settle dainty jewelry pieces, that can still make a statement during the night-time, yet at the same time still be appropriate and classy for when it’s daytime. So this dainty white gold bar necklace, with this geometric ring and ‘A’ shaped stud earrings can seamlessly take you from a day-to-night look in a breeze!

I hope that these five easy tricks were helpful and enlightening to you, and hopefully gave you new ideas on how to style your everyday basic pieces into two totally different day and night looks. Also, make sure to leave a comment down below on whether you liked the day look better, or the night look better, because I’m kinda curious. (:

xoxo – Arianna♥

*This post was in collaboration with AURate*

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