Blogger Recognition Award

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an awesome day! Today I’m going to be talking about the blogger recognition award I got nominated for, by a blogger named girleccentric that blogs about anything regarding fashion, lifestyle, tips and even a bit of self-expression post as well.
So make sure to go check out her blog site when you get the chance, because I think you will find it to be very interesting!

So anyway, the rules of this award is to acknowledge the person who awarded you, to give a brief history of why you started your blog, as well as to give two pieces of advice to anyone who is looking to improve and better their blog.

So let’s acknowledge the person who awarded me first!

Thank you a billion times girleccentric, this was seriously very kind of you, and I couldn’t thank you more. Thank you!

Give a brief history of why you started blogging

I started blogging because I had a deep passion for fashion, and loved taking pictures, making videos and sharing any kind of style and fashion advice with other people. I also think that blogs are just a great way to express myself, and really does help develop a lot more creativity and thought in my writing abilities, editing, and photo taking.
Not only is it a great activity that I really like doing, but it is also a great little activity that can be super beneficial and helpful in my life, and help shape and mold better creative skills, opportunities and paths for me as well.

Name two pieces of advice for a blogger

I would say it’s very important to know what you want in your blog, and to figure out what type of content you enjoy making and writing about. I would also say to be as consistent and faithful with your blog’s content as much as possible, and really making sure that you set a specific theme, tone and schedule of your work as well.
With these two things, your site will not only become a fun hobby that you actually like doing and creating, but it will also draw in a lot of attention and traffic, because people will know that this is something that you’re actually deeply passionate about and like doing for fun.

Nominate 15 deserving bloggers

I would nominate people…however, I think all of you bloggers out there deserve some type of recognition and award, since you guys all put some type of effort, energy and time with your blog. Therefore, I award all of you and wish you the best of luck with you and your blog, and that you will flourish it all sorts of kinds of ways.🌸
So feel free to do this award if you’d like, and fill out these questions if you want to, because I would love to read your answers and advice.

xoxo – Arianna♥

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