Winter Wishlist

I’m not a big fan of Winter and all of its cold and chilly shenanigans, but I do look forward to certain things about it, like browsing through the holiday deals, drinking hot cocoa and finding new and interesting pieces that I can add to my existing wardrobe. 

That is why I created a Winter wishlist of some of my favorite fun and cozy cool-toned clothing and accessory items that I thought would be perfect for the approaching season, so that I can be totally prepared and in style for this year’s Winter.

That being said, here are my top 5 things on my Winter wishlist that I plan to buy:

Winter wishlist items

1. I’ve been on a great hunt lately on finding a good hoodie I can wear indoors, but haven’t seen many that really caught my eye. However, this particular one from Shein is pretty cool and comfy looking since I can easily throw it over a tee-shirt or long-sleeve top that I’m already wearing, for some extra warmth and coziness.

2. The whole cat ear trend is always quite popular around the holiday season, and I’m kinda falling in love with it. Something about adding cute cat ears on-top of your head really does make you and the outfit you’re wearing pop out a little more. So that’s why Nordstrom’s sparkling cat ear headband is something I’m kinda considering and thinking about buying sometime soon.

3. I’m a huge fan of oversized cozy blanket scarves, especially plaid ones at that! They’re just so comfortable and chic, and really are good for the late Fall and Winter months because they’re so thick and full. Therefore, this long plaid fringed blanket scarve from Amazon is definitely something that I added on my must have Winter wishlist for this year, to keep out all that cold, blustery air from blowing on my face and neck.

4. These Chelsea inspired black ankle boots is something I’m really dying to have! Not only are they kind of shiny and glossy looking (which I like) but they are also rain proof and snow proof which is even better!! This means I can wear them when it’s raining or snowing out and not have to worry about them getting water marks or damaged, since they were literally made to shield and block out any outdoor elements that tries to come my way. This means my feet can be well protected and dry, and still look pretty darn stylish and on fleek. 😉

5. If you haven’t noticed already, I have a mad obsession with backpacks, and have been trying to buy a lot lately! I mentioned I wanted Chiara Ferragni flirty glitter backpack back in my August wishlist that I did a while back ago, but mentioned it was way too expensive and over priced. But this particular one from Forever 21 is not, and still has a little shimmer and glitter to it like Chiara Ferragni’s, but of course is not nearly as over the top and glittery like her backpack. Which in my opinion is actually a bit better, because it would be a lot more versatile with different outfits that I already own.

Alright guys, this concludes my Winter wishlist, I hope you really did enjoy it and liked it to the utmost. Make sure to leave a comment down below on what you thought about my clothing and accessories that I’m hoping to purchase, as well as some of the things that you hope to buy for this upcoming Winter as well.

And until next time, I will see you all later. Bye guys!


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