New Year, New Blog

*This post is old and my blog design has changed since this post*

Happy new year everyone, I hope you’re enjoying 2017 so far! Today I’m going to be talking about my new blog header and background that you guys can obviously see that I changed, and discuss why I decided to pick a new blog design for my site!

But before I get too deep into this post, I first just want to clarify that I didn’t just do this in one day obviously, but I have been editing and working on the whole layout for a really long time now, and really wanted a design that represented me. I personally thought it was about time for a new update for my blog, because for crying out loud it’s a new year! and second of all, the layout I had before this one, wasn’t a current reflection of who I am now, and wasn’t speaking to me like how I wanted.

Therefore, I changed it into something that was more of my style, as well as something that felt a little more carefree and bold, and less preppy and vintagey.

So that being said, let’s talk about the inspiration, meaning and the pricking of my background and header!

The inspiration and meaning for the header

“Why a city skyline?” some of you may be asking. Well I’ll explain, at first I wanted a cityscape of a bustling city, like New York City or Chicago because those two places are very busy and known for their rustic buildings, skyscrapers and their street style fashion that I very much love and admire. But you see, I don’t personally live there nor did I ever grow up there, and I thought it would be kind of weird to have a place as your header that you never actually lived in before but just wished to live in, you know? So then I thought, “hmm…what if I use a city that I actually grew up in and was raised in, that still has an urban vibe, such as Detroit Michigan?”ย  Which is why I thought to create a colorful cityscape of the Detroit skyline, to let people know this is where I was born and raised!

How I chose the background

So the background was pretty random but not, if that makes any sense, haha! I went through probably hundreds of different patterns, colors and textured wallpapers to match the watercolor cityscape I have as my header, and wanted one that complimented and enhanced the main header as much as possible. So overall, picking the background was probably the hardest and most tiresome part of changing the layout, since it seemed like it took FOREVER to find the perfect one.๐Ÿ˜ฉ I also wanted one that had at least two or more colors in it, wasn’t too plain as well as one that had some type of geometric lines or shapes in it to kind of help play on the whole arrow and building structures from the header. And after cropping, color correcting and all that other hooblah that I did in Photoshop, I ended up with this really simple and cute purple and white triangular background, that I think blends pretty well with the rest of the site!

How I chose the color for the header and background

Now the reason why I went more with a purple theme, is because originally I was going to have everything kind of a pastel pink with a hint of blue in it. But then I edited in some blue clouds in the header and it turned the cityscape more purple-ish/blue-ish instead of its original pink and blue pastel colors (which kind of messed things up a bit). So instead of trying to turn it back into a pink and blue city, I realized I kind of liked the purple blue hues a little better, and ended up keeping it and basing the color off of the background header, to keep things more consistent. Which is why my blog has more of a purple theme to it. (End of story).

I know this seemed a bit complex but I hope you guys now have a clear understanding of why I changed it into what it is now, and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do! I also just want to thank those of you who stuck around with my blog all the way into 2017, and just being a true follower. It really does mean the world to me that a lot of you guys do actually care and read my blog!

So thank you once again, and I hope 2017 will bring many great blessings to each and every one of you.๐Ÿ˜˜

xoxo – Ariannaโ™ฅ

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  1. Love the new header tbh! I feel like everyone is starting to be “more represented” in a way on their own blogs and also starting to be more aware of which direction they want to take them and I LOVE THIS. Happy 2017 gorgeous! Keep up the good work :)

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