Fashion Trends That I’m Currently Loving

Fashion trends has always been something that I have personally loved keeping up with. I’m constantly looking at what the street style stars are wearing and what the celebrities are wearing, ever since I got into fashion.

However, I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a slave to trends and wear every single one that comes out on the market. But, I would say I am a very king observer and admire of certain trends that do show up into the scene. And since I’m always keeping up to date with fashion, I thought to compile some of my top five favorite trends that seem to stand out the most for me, and show you guys all the ones that I’m obsessed with!

Let’s get right into this!

Patched and embroidered bomber jackets

All pictures were gotten from Google images and Pinterest.

The bomber trend is probably one of my top favorite trends that are going on right now, especially the ones that have some type of embroidery or patches on them. I just think that the detailing and the little sayings/words attached definitely adds more of a fun, youthful touch to an outfit!

Fishnets and sheer socks


You’re probably well aware now that the whole fishnets with jeans look is totally in right now, as well as any type of sheer, netted socks with your shoes. At first I thought the whole idea was kind of weird and strange, but I have to admit now, I’m really digging into this trend and most definitely going to buy fishnets or sheer/netted socks sometime soon.

Slip dresses/camisoles paired with tee-shirts


So the whole slip dress/camisole trend over a tee-shirt, is a really simple styling trick for adding a layered, ’90s flair to your outfit. Now the great thing about this trend is that even though it looks best with a tee-shirt, you can still play around with different types of tops that you already own; such as a 3/4 sleeve top, a sleeveless top or even like a mesh top, to kind of test out all the many different looks you could possibly do. Which in my opinion, would come super in handy for when you want to wear the trend in different climates.

Β Chokers


The choker trend at first just started off as the thin, stretchy tattoo kind of chokers, and then later transformed itself into multiple different types of styles, textures and patterns to the point it gets a little overwhelming of what type of chokers you can all buy. I think chokers are probably one of the greatest accessory trends thus far, and have really been a power house compared to any other jewelry trend that has secretly tried to take its place.



To be completely honest, I really didn’t think overalls would still be a trend till this day and I’m quite shocked and surprised! This trend has been going around ever since 2013 I do believe, and has still yet to give in which is pretty impressive. Personally, I love em to death and think they should honestly keep on going for however long, because they’re so freaking awesome!😍

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my top five trends that I have been noticing sand loving. Make sure to leave a comment down below on what trends you like at the moment, because I would love to know!

xoxo – Ariannaβ™₯

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