Trying New Hairstyles

I’m pretty basic when it comes to my hair, and I normally wear the same ‘ol style over and over again and rarely ever switch it up and change it.

It’s normally always the puff ponytail with a braid or crinkles on the side, and nothing fancy or new (as you guys have probably already noticed). But recently I realized that it was a new year and that I should go on ahead and do something different with my hair, so I did!

And here’s how the hairstyles turned out!

Space buns with bangs



So the first hairstyle I tried was space buns with bangs! I basically just curled my two front pieces of hair to create loose waves, and then just made a lil bun on both sides of my head. This hairstyle came out really cute in my opinion, and I liked how simple and easy it was!




For my second hairstyle, I chose a frohawk or a fauxhawk. And thanks to my helpful older sister, she helped make this hairstyle possible. She just bantu knotted the middle part of my hair the night before and then braiding the sides of it. And when we took the bantu knots down the next day, it made it into a really curly poof that I absolutely fell in LOVE with! This due is super funky and cool, and I rate it a 10/10.

Two french braids



So I actually asked for help with this hairstyle too, because I’m not very good at french braiding and always seem to have a difficult time gathering my hair into a braid. But this time my mom helped do my hair instead of my sister, and went on ahead and braided both sides of my hair and tied it with a rubber band at the tips. I like this hairstyle because it’s easy, fast and reminds me a little bit of the ’90s which is something I really like about it. I will probably do this style a lot more often!

And those were all three of the hairstyles I tried! I hope you guys enjoyed this, and hopefully got a little inspiration from them! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below on which hairstyle was your favorite, because I would love to know what you guys thought.

xoxo – Ariannaβ™₯

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  1. Oh yes, an Afro blogger! It so hard to find one these days so thank you! I always try to experiment wiyh my hair, but I can’t do the same hairstyle as those with straight hair. My favourite must be the Two French Braids. Great post and will stalk you for a whike so don’t mind me if I like a post that is very very old πŸ˜‰ xx

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  2. You look super cute and adorable w/ all three hairdos, Look to see more of these hairdos in your upcoming fashion file for the spring and summer months:)


    1. Thanks a bunch; I will try to do more if I can think of different ones, I’m not good with coming up with different hairstyles though, lol!


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