I’m Now On Instagram!


Hey guys! I just came on to announce that I’m now on Instagram and that you can now follow me if you want!

I created my Instagram account about two-three weeks ago, and I now have a decent amount of post to finally publicize it on Aricouture. (:

But honestly, I was a bit leery on hoping onto the gram, because sometimes social media can suck you in it and can easily get you stressed out, overwhelmed and burdened because you’re constantly trying to keep up and post on there like no tomorrow.

And lets be real, I was down that path before which is why you can’t find me on any other social media account because it can be really hard to manage when you also have a blog. But then I realized that you can only run from social media so long until you finally have to cave in and be apart of it; since all bloggers will eventually need some type of social media account to help support their site, right?

Because nowadays you need other platforms to make ya blog grow! And there is no way in the world you can get pass it…like really.

So that’s why I went on and made an Instagram because I thought that the gram would be the easiest and most relevant to my blog, since I do a lot of pictures of me and my outfits on here anyways.

Plus I thought that it would just be another great outlet to let my followers connect with me in a more different, personal way, since I’ll probably upload more everyday pictures on there from time-to-time as well.

So don’t be afraid to check my account out right here if you’d like, and also don’t be afraid to list your Instagram account down below, so we can all follow each other!

See ya on Insta!😘


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  1. Welcome the instagram world! I was actually the other way around and make an instagram account before my blog. But I use them both to share bits and pieces from my life, so it worked out XD
    I’ve followed you, and my account is @angwooly ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy instagramming!

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    1. Oh really? I guess we were the opposites when creating a account. Lol! I will follow you right now, thank you for sharing your Instagram btw. (:

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