What Outfit Should I Buy? – My Romwe Wishlist 

I already warned you guys there was going to be a lot of wishlist due to my birthday coming up, so I hope you don’t get sick of them and hate me for this.

It’s just that these stores have been on their true “A” game recently and I really want to treat myself to a few of their items for when I turn 20.

And Romwe being one of these stores that I’m talking about, has quite a bit of options to pick from; but I’m kinda stuck out of these three outfits that I created from my wishlist to wear on my Bday.

So that’s why I would like you guys thoughts on which one I should wear when it comes up, because I’m having issues narrowing it down since all of them look so cute!

And I know this is more like a “what outfit should I order?” wishlist post, but that’s because time is ticking and I need to settle on an outfit to purchase before my special day. But unfortunately I’m having trouble with picking the best pieces, and would like another opinion (or actually multiple opinions) on which one I should go with.

So here’s the options:

Outfit One:

Jeans: https://goo.gl/gFbcOQ Top: https://goo.gl/ufrZ4L

Outfit Two

Skirt: https://goo.gl/209QT5 Top: https://goo.gl/VvAPjV

Outfit Three

Top: https://goo.gl/lrZPpz  Shorts: https://goo.gl/SiamlG

And again, I’m sorry for so many wishlist post! I just wanted you guys help because I’m honestly stuck! I would like to order at least two items very soon, and that’s why I paired them up into outfits so I can visually see what would look the best together. So please-please give your opinions down below because I need to break the tie!😫

I Look forward to your answers,



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  1. I love all of the outfits! From now on I will save my money to buy more cute clothes like outfit 1! I always spend my money on foods. Hahahaha! Love your blog!

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        1. Yes I can, I can see myself in all three actually!
          But I’m narrowing it down to the first or second one since I think those two are really cute.

          Thanks for your help and opinion!😀

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    1. Hey please sure to check out my blog:) so much I’m gonna be sharing, talking about and also my life events. So just click onto my name(profile) should point u straight to the website. Your comments are welcome

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  2. I like outfit #2, for sure it’s an outfit I would wear, but every outfit looks like your style. Best of luck picking one:)


    1. Ok, thanks for your opinion; I might go with the top of outfit #2 but I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll get the whole thing…who knows.


    1. Thanks for your feedback and the bday wish! And I totally get you with the whole review thing, I just think that you have to pick and choose certain things from there, because not everything is bad, and not everything is good. But I personally still shop at Romwe and buy from there, and have yet to experience a really bad purchase.

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