DIY Fashion Art

I’m not very good when it comes to doing DIY’s, and a lot of times I find myself having a hard time following them, doing them and actually being pleased on the way they turn out. However, one day I was watching LauraDiy, and she had made some really cool lipstick art by literally kissing a plain piece of paper multiple times on each side, and then putting it up in a frame and displaying it.

And when watching it, I instantly thought that I could do something like that, but instead thought to do something a little different (or actually a lot different) and create art that’s still homemade but not as gross, haha!

So at first I was going to go online and print out a sketch of some colorful lips and frame it, but unfortunately, my printer was acting dumb and wouldn’t print out the color properly, and I ended up giving up on it. So instead I turned to my magazine subscriptions that were just chilling in my closet, and I begin working on my fashion art that I had no idea was going to turn out so insanely good and professional looking!

And once I was done, I knew I had to share it and do another one for my blog, because you guys obviously had to recreate it yourselves!

So here’s what you’ll need for the fashion art


  • Magazines (they can be new or old it doesn’t matter)
  • A frame (you can get these suckers at your local dollar store and they look just as good!)
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Flip through your magazines


So the first step to this DIY, is to get inspiration of what you’re going to put in your frame. And the best way to do that is to flip through your magazines to get ideas of what you want and want you don’t want. So as you can see in the picture up above I’m just flipping through all of my magazines that I have on the floor with me, because I had a very specific theme I wanted for my fashion art.

Step 2: Mark all of your inspiration pages


Once you have found something that you think will look good in your frame, you’re going to fold the top of the page so you don’t forget where it is. This just helps you to remember where all of your favorite pages are in the magazines, since you will probably look through at least three or more like I did.

Step 3: Start cutting!


Now you’re going to take your scissors and begin cutting out the part that you want to frame. Just make sure it’s as neat as possible because if not, it will definitely show up when you go to hang it up or display it, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want people to see uneven raw edges, now would you?

Step 4: Tape your cut-outs onto the frame board


Once you have found all your inspirations and cut them out, you’re going to align them up and tape them down on the frame board so they don’t go anywhere. Also, make sure they are the correct size to your border so they’re not too small or too big when you go to put it together.

Step 5: Start assembling your frame


And at this part, you’re just going to put the border on, the glass on and adjust the pictures to the perfect and proper size.

Step 6: Put the pictures into the frame and snap it into place


Then you’re just going to flip it over and put it directly into the frame and snap it into place! Make sure though you’re very gentle when handling your frame at this part because sometimes it can get a little tough putting it in, and your frame could easily break if you’re too rough.

Step 7: Display it!



These two were my first ones that I did, and I just displayed them up above my clothing rack
Here’s a zoom up of them
And here’s all three of them together

And finally you’re done, and you can display them anywhere you want in your home! This will look great on top of a desk, hung up on a wall or even on top of your closet shelf! This DIY was actually pretty easy, and super affordable since I already had magazines on hand, and only paid a $1 for each of the frames, which is pretty amazing for something that turned out so well!

So make sure you guys comment down below if you’re going to try this cheap, easy and decorative DIY for yourself! Also, comment down below which frame out of the three was your favorite. My favorite was the one to the far right with the four ladies.

xoxo – Arianna♥

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