What I Did For My 20th Bday!🎂

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be sharing what I did for my 20th birthday as well as what I did after my birthday, since I did quite a bit of stuff for that week and the following week.

So I’m going to give you guys a rundown of all what happened last Friday (which was my birthday) and what I did Monday and Tuesday because those two days were kind of exciting for me, since I got to shop and eat out at a restaurant with my fam bam. And just in case you’re wondering what I did for Saturday and Sunday; I basically did nothing and went nowhere, lol! Which is why I’ll just share Friday, Monday and Tuesday with you guys.

So here’s the rundown:

Friday: Taking it easy and enjoying my bday😌

I was planning on wearing one of my Romwe outfits from the wishlist that I just made, but I decided to wear something more chill.

So my birthday was pretty slow and chill for the most part, but I’m still going to tell you guys about it because duh it was my special day. But I mainly just took a few birthday pictures, sat on my little couch in my room and scrolled through my phone for like 2 hours.

My gifts, card and my little cheesecake square I received for my Birthday.

It didn’t actually start getting interesting until me and my family started celebrating my birthday later that night; and brought out my cheesecake, candles and gifts for me to enjoy/look through. But other than that my birthday was pretty peaceful and slow, and I mainly just chilled out all day long.

Monday: Thrifting with my sister👖

The endless racks of clothes I looked through.

Now Monday me and my sister headed over to our local thrift store (which is the Salvation Army) to basically just browse around and see what we could find. But unfortunately, I found nothing and I got really disappointed and pissed off because nothing fit me nor looked good, and I ended up leaving empty-handed and pretty sad.☹️

I’m trying to look somewhat optimistic in this picture, but I actually felt pretty defeated, haha!

But other than the Salvation Army being really picked over, Monday was pretty calm as well, and nothing that exciting really happened.

Tuesday: Going to lunch with my mom and brother🍜

Outside of the restaurant.

So this day was probably the least boring compared to the other days, since my mom took me and my brother out to a thai restaurant called “bangkok cuisine” for a birthday treat, since me and my brother’s birthdays are so close.

There were also some thai ribs, but my brother ate it so fast I wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

And as you can see we got a lot of great food like noodles, rice, soup, boba and many other tasty treats that were really unique and different! Everything was pretty much well seasoned, delicious and super filling to the point I brought back quite a bit because I got so full. But overall, trying the variety of foods that we ordered and being able to spend quality time with my mom and brother, was something I really enjoyed and will always remember later down the line.🙂

So that’s all the (somewhat interesting) things I did for my birthday and after my birthday. I hope you guys liked getting a little sneak peek of my life on Friday, Monday and Tuesday and enjoyed reading what I all did!

xoxo – Arianna♥

20 thoughts

    1. Lol, it’s ok, at least you still wished me a happy belated birthday, you know?

      And thank you, I normally keep re-taking my photos until they look decent. I’m not a pro at taking pictures though, trust me. Lol!😄

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I guess you could say the Forever 21 banner is symbolic, but I’m actually just apart of their affiliate program.😊

      Btw, you haven’t been blogging much lately what’s been up?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well that’s a coincidence. It can be your stuff – forever 21 at 21. lol… I guess the idea just popped in my head.
        Anyway.. yes i’ve not been blogging… school kind of took my mind, but I’ve begun again and I wrote about it too. Currently trying to post something btw..

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol, me and Forever 21 I guess just have that in common!

          And yeah I seen you’ve been posting in July, but I just didn’t see you before then. But glad you’re back!😀

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  1. Aww, happy birthday girl!! Love that adorable little Yorkie card! I like to celebrate with Thai food as well — soo yummy. Hope the 20s are awesome for you! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I love the card too I thought it was really cute! And that’s so cool that you eat thai food to celebrate as well, we definitely have something in common.😊


    1. Lol! Yes it was definitely chill and slow; and the food pretty much taste how it looked, and was really filling!

      Thanks for reading Courtney!

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