Items You DON’T Need In Your Closet

Whether you’re deciding to do a closet clean-out or just wondering what to wear for the next day, it’s important to really analyze your closet and sort through the things you need or don’t need anymore. But if you’re having a hard time distinguishing the things that are important and the things that aren’t, I will give you a list of items that are obviously not healthy to keep around in your wardrobe, that need to get tossed ASAP.

So here’s the list of things you don’t need in your closet:

Clothes that are stained, damaged or wore down

I whole heartedly believe in having pieces cleaned and repaired whenever possible, but if you’ve tried every stain remover, sewed every hole or tear in the garment and took it to every tailor that you could find; please just get rid of it and wave it goodbye. Because items in that type of condition are just taking up unnecessary space in your closet and are purely unwearable. And you might as well invest into something that you can actually wear without having to worrying about tattered rips, tears or stains.

Clothes you never wear

If it’s been longer than 5 months and you still haven’t worn that sweater you got on sale from T.J Maxx. GET RID OF IT! Not wearing something just goes to show just how much you don’t need nor like that particular item. Because if you like an item, you will wear it every chance you have, showing that the items you don’t wear is nothing but a void that you still keep around. And if you’re keeping an item for no reason, then it should honestly just leave from your closet.

Clothes that bring bad memories

You should never look at an item and remember a daunting, horrible memory of when you use to wear it; since it will only make you think of past negative events that only keep you down, angry and stuck in a bad mind frame. And I seriously see no point on why anybody would want to feel like that? Clothes should make you feel happy and awesome, and if they’re not making you feel that way, then please toss it or donate it! Because reminiscing back on something that’s not so great is just a waste of time.

Clothes that don’t fit

A lot of people hold on to pieces that are either too small or too big, or literally just have an item that has a bad fit to it. And the excuse is normally “Oh I’m going to fit into it one day” or “I’m going to find something that works with it” or “I’m going to soon replace it” but none of those things rarely ever happen and you end up keeping an ill-fitted garment that you don’t ever wear. And the reality is, is you need to stop making excuses for poorly fitted garments and move on to something better for yourself. Because there’s a high chance you’re never going to wear it even if you have intentions to.

Multiples of the same thing

If you have like 5 of the same black tee shirts or like 10 of the same pair of shorts, it’s just seriously a waste of money. The max of duplicates you should have in your closet is 2, and that’s because you absolutely love that item and want it in another color, or simply just want a back-up of it for if it ever wears down. But beyond 2, is just too much and ridiculous and I really don’t see the point of buying so many since you can’t even wear them all like that! So save your money and buy something different, but don’t buy the exact same thing multiple times.

Clothes that hurt or are uncomfortable

If you’re still keeping that fuzzy sweater that gives you the itchy bites or those skinny jeans that literally cut off blood circulation; stop putting yourself in pain, and sale, donate or throw them away! If a garment is causing any type of physical discomfort it’s seriously not worth keeping or wearing since it can cause potential health threats that could put your life in danger. And no garment in your closet should ever put your life in danger. Point blank period.

So that’s all my list of things that you don’t need in your closet, I hope you guys found this post to be helpful; and can hopefully now distinguish the clothes you no longer need anymore.

Also stay tuned for another post about “closet staples” which is essentially the opposite of this post, that will talk about the top 10 items you need in your closet.

So look out for it guys,;)



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  1. This is a lovely article, I’m so guilty of hoarding clothes because I convince myself that I can wear them or find something to pair them withπŸ˜‚

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  2. I love the tips! Sometimes I tend to keep my old clothes that are too small for me because I really love the details of it.

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  3. Great Post!

    As a stylist with male clients, the multiples rule is different.
    Men do not like shopping, so once they find a style and
    fit they like, it is best to buy multiples, so once the original
    has been worn out (as men tend to wear the same styles
    much more regularly) it is ready to be replaced since cuts
    & styles change so frequently, that exact piece they enjoy
    will no longer be available, which is frustrating when you
    know what you want & no one is stocking it, because they
    are on to the next retail trend. But definitely a curated
    collection is essential, but having back-ups, & outfits set
    ready to travel are essential for modern men on the go.

    Loving the Blog! Sending good vibes from Miami! 🌈🌞

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    1. Thanks for reading! But I agree, males wardrobes are different and they do sometimes have to result in buying duplicates due to less styles or not wanting to go shopping.

      But since this post is more dedicated to a women’s wardrobe, they don’t need multiples of the same thing since I feel like the clothing industry has far more options and styles for them to pick from.

      However, males are more than welcome to use these tips if they want too as well, and I have no problem with that.😊

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      1. Always love learning styling tips for both genders, you never know when you can
        help someone with a few wardrobe tweaks.

        Also Happy Birthday! We were trying to
        send you a little birthday message on the
        previous post but our browser was freezing.

        Happy Birthday, all the best for 2017 & Beyond! πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ¨πŸŽŠ

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  4. Great post! I need to do a sort out of my wardrobe before I move out of my flat, so you’ve inspired me to get on with it! It also a great excuse to treat myself to some new pieces πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad the post helped you to clean out your closet before you move!

      Also, happy shopping for new clothes!😊


  5. These are all great points! I have a lot of multiples, and clothes that are in different sizes in my closet. I have hoarding habits which I’m trying to get better at. This post just reminded me to go through again and clear out some space! XD

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    1. Oh that’s great to know this post helped! Hopefully you’ll be able to clear it out with ease, now that you know what you don’t need anymore.πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Thanks! And yes that’s the best part about cleaning out the closet because then you can go shopping for some new clothes. However, you just can’t go over board because then that would be a huge no-no. Lol!

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