Styling Adidas Ft. Chloe BDS

Adidas have been an ongoing trend for the past few years now, and have been worn by pretty much every street style icon you can think of.

And due to the brand being so hot and trendy, I thought to give it a go and try it out for myself! But, I just didn’t want to do a styling Adidas post solo, I wanted to do something different and fun with another person that I know, that I thought could style an Adidas item with me!

Which is why I thought to partner with Chloe who’s another fashion blogger, and create a picture lookbook styling Adidas Superstars that I own and a hat that she owns, to help inspire you guys on how to style the brand. And I know it’s not a lot of Adidas items we’re styling, but I still thought it could help you guys out in some kind of way, if you own similar or the same items in your wardrobe.

How I styled Adidas Superstars

I chose to style three different outfits, just to show you guys a variety of looks Adidas Superstars can go with. (:


Everything besides the backpack and Adidas are from Forever 21
Shorts and belt were thrifted


The backpack, puff ball, tee shirt and fishnet socks are all from Amazon
Bandana is from Dollar Tree (I know, ya gurl is cheap)
Tank top is from Dresslink
Leggings are from Amazon

How Chloe styled her Adidas cap

Chloe chose one outfit to style the cap with, by wearing a black dress with a belt, a denim jacket, sunglasses and some black ankle boots.

        Sunglasses are from Chloe and the denim jacket is from New look

Dress is from Bershka
Boots are from H&M

Thanks guys for viewing our lookbook, make sure to check out Chloe’s awesome blog right here when you get the chance! Plus, don’t forget to name your favorite outfit or piece from this lookbook down below, I’d love to know!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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