May Favorites 

Hey guys! So today I thought to share with you this month’s favorites of all the things I have been recently loving, that I thought you guys would be interested in knowing about.

And I know I normally don’t do monthly favorites, but I thought adding monthly favorites to my blog would be a great way to start incorporating any food, fashion, beauty or tech stuff that I liked for the month, to show more of my interest.

Which is why for now on I will start doing this for every end of the month if I can, just to keep you guys updated on what ya gurl has been using and loving.

So let’s start talking faves!😝

Adidas Superstars


So the first thing on my list, is hands down my Adidas Superstars! They’re so ridiculously cool and trendy at the moment and I am totally in love with them. They can work with a lot of stuff I already own since my style is already kind of sporty. These sneakers make great everyday shoes for when I’m just taking a walk to a nearby store, or for when I feel like doing a quick photoshoot, they’re so versatile!

Ritz toasted chips

DSC_3583My local Kroger was actually giving out free bags of these chips for their free Friday download, and I was so obsessed when I ate them! They were like…so freaking good! And the sour cream flavor that I got just really enhanced it to another level. You guys should most definitely try them out when you get the chance, because they are so delish!!!

E.l.f lipstick


Even though I think I got this in April, I have been using it every time I go out (including today). It’s so incredibly smooth and buttery when I put it on, and has a beautiful mauve-ish pink tint that really does compliment my lips and skin tone. I think that this is probably one of top lipsticks that I own!

Pantene gold series butter creme


So since I typically wear my hair natural, I normally co-wash it because I get the best results when I do so. However, sometimes when I’m done washing, rinsing, blow drying and the whole shabang, my hair can feel a little brittle and dry afterwards. So when using this product, it actually smoothens my hair out and makes it a lot more easier to manage when I style it.

My fishnet socks


So these suckers are like my awesome socks right now, especially when I pair them up with my Adidas Superstars. I think they add such a cool, urban look to my outfits, and make it like 10,000 times more better. So obviously they made it to my favorites for this month, because (A) that’s when I got them, and (B) that’s when I realized they were everything I could ask for in fashionable socks, haha!😄

So that’s it for my favorites for the month of May! let me know if you guys have/tried any of the stuff I named in this post, because I would love to know your thoughts on these items.

xoxo – Arianna♥

23 thoughts

    1. Yeah! Adidas Sambas or Superstars are types of shoes that you can seriously keep wearing over and over again. And I love Jeremy Scott too, his fashion sense is so cool!

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  1. I love the style of the photos! Especially the ones where you’re holding the item in front of you, it just looks really neat! I’ve never seen those crackers before, but they look delicious :D


    1. Oh thank you so much Angela!💜 And yeah, you should definitely try the cracker chips out sometime, they really won’t disappoint!:)

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