My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is probably one of my most used social medias compared to the rest, since I’m on there like 24/7. I’m normally always viewing outfit inspiration, stories and insane makeup tutorials.

It’s just so easy to get inspiration and get new ideas of how to style certain things, as well as great to get inspired for my own Instagram feed and what I can do to improve it.

And since I’m on there just about every day, I thought to list some of my favorite Instagram accounts from some of my favorite Youtubers (that I always watch) that I think you guys would be interested in knowing about too.

So here’s my list!

Eris The Planet

Eris Instagram

Eris is a fashion, hair and beauty guru that mainly post selfies of perfectly put highlight on her cheeks, and cool, trendy outfits. She’s pretty quiet and shy in her Youtube videos, but can definitely express and show her personality through her Instagram, since she post a lot of her creative talent for hairstyles, makeup, art and personal style.


IAmKareno insta

If you guys read my top favorite bloggers and Youtubers post, you know that I’m a pretty big fan of Karen’s Youtube channel. So I think it’s quite obvious that I also like her Instagram as well! Her theme is kind of colorful and random, but also kind of funky and trippy sometimes! She’s no doubt one of my go-tos for when I feel like getting new outfit ideas.

Tara Michelle

Taras insta

So Tara’s Instagram isn’t as fun and quirky like the other two, but has a theme that’s a lot more chill and kind of laid back. It’s also really blue and cool toned, and she always seems to post coffee photos, or really cool shots of her near Insta worthy walls in California. Her style really isn’t like mine, but I still like how her blue theme looks, and the amazing quality of her photos.

Alisha Marie

Alish Maries Insta

Alisha Marie is one of my regular favorites on Youtube, and she’s also one of my favorites on Instagram too, haha! I like her feed because it’s very bright and refreshing with these pops of colors that make it very summery and airy. I love how her feed doesn’t look cluttered or messy, and how everything just looks really neat and put together (which is very aesthetically pleasing).

So that’s all my faves on Insta right now! Let me know in the comments down below if you follow these people too! And if not, who do you follow? =D

xoxo – Arianna♥

12 thoughts

  1. Eris and Karen’s IG accounts look really nice! Going to check them out. Trying to gather inspiration from different sources in oder to improve my feed! Love yours btw :)

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  2. The new problem with Instagram is the algorithms,
    basically if you have under 50k followers (now closer
    to 100k) your images do not make it into peoples feeds.
    A lot of my blogger friends have been noticing a serious
    drop in their IG view/likes, while these “Mega IG Brands”
    are now getting all the screen time. It is a slippery slope.

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    1. Yeah it’s pretty sad. Unfortunately though it kinda seems like it’s that why across the board on a lot of platforms, even including WordPress.

      I noticed a lot of the smaller blogs I follow don’t show up in my feed, which leads to me having to literally click on their profiles or search their blogs, just to see new content that they post, which is pretty messed up.

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    1. Ah yes, travel accounts are very beautiful I must admit! But I don’t really travel myself so I don’t really get into them you know?😊

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