Check Out My Vinted Summer Sale!


Hey guys! I just thought to drop by and tell you that I will be doing a huge Summer sale on all of my items on Vinted! This sale will take off 30% off everything that I have, from today to the end of the month.

So if you’re interested in some of my stuff I have on my Vinted account, you can always be sure to check out any of my new items down below, or literally check out my full Vinted page right here.

This Cropped varsity tee and the rest of the clothes are all just $7!
Amazon’s embroidered denim shorts
Forever 21 mock crop top
Dresslink’s cactus tee
Amazon’s pleated skirt

Also, if you guys message me and let me know that you came from my blog I will give you an extra 15% off your purchase to make it even cheaper for you! So don’t be afraid to drop by and message me because I am more than willing to hook you up with anything that you want. So hit me up!

xoxo – Ariannaโ™ฅ

8 thoughts

    1. Thanks! But actually it really isn’t a haul, it’s just items I don’t wear anymore, which is why I’m selling them on Vinted.๐Ÿ˜Š


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