How To Look Stylish While On A Budget 

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If you think being broke means you can’t be stylish, then you’re wrong! Because there are countless of ways to shop and get new outfits, that doesn’t even have to cost you a lot money.

That is why today I’m going to name some of my top and most trusty tips on how to look stylish while on a budget, that will not only save you money in your bank account, but will also make you feel just as awesome and on fleek.

So here are 7 easy tips that you can do, that will instantly make your outfits look

1. Style Up The Little Things

The first tip is to do styling tricks. This means adding or doing certain things to your outfit to make it more jazzed up. Such as you can cuff the bottom of your jeans, roll up your sleeves, tye a shirt around your waist or even half tuck your tops into your bottoms, to make your outfit a little more intricate and chic. These little tricks can literally transform a basic and plain outfit and make it look a lot more stylish and different.

2. Add Affordable Accessories To Your Outfit

The second tip, is to make sure you accessorize! Accessories can add such a fun and personalized twist to your attire and can really make it pop. I think adding a statement necklace or some rings from a store that carries affordable but fashionable jewelry, can make you look so much more put together. Because sometimes there’s really pretty costume jewelry that looks like it could easily go for like $50.00, when in reality it’s only $10.00! So try out different necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings from different stores and sellers and it will instantly make your outfit look far more expensive.

3. Take Care Of YOU

Another great tip is to make sure that you yourself is put together. I’m talking about making sure your hair, makeup, nails and skin all look presentable and good too. Because what good is having clothes that look fantastic when you don’t look fantastic yourself? So try to take care and style your hair differently with products you may already have on hand, or try out a really pretty lipstick, blush or nail polish from one of your favorite drugstore brands that’s cheap. Because after all, you’re what sells the outfit you’re wearing, and if you don’t look good, that outfit isn’t going to look too good either.

4. Try Out A Auction Site

Something that I think most people forget about when they’re on a tight budget, is auction sites. There are a ton of great auction sites online that are for clothes, shoes and accessories that are setup where you can offer a price that’s reasonable for you. You can choose between many popular places where you can bid or make offers, like Ebay, iOffer, and many other top sites, that are great for negotiating and getting a good deal.

5. Go Thrifting

Thrifting is like the perfect thing to do when you want new clothes (but ya wallet doesn’t). You can find some pretty cheap and brand new stuff at the thrift store, and can also find some really unique things there too. I know some people think that all thrift stores are gross, and get all boujie about it; but for me, I personally think it’s a great way to save money and get clothes for like half the price that it was originally going for.

6. Swap Your Clothes

Some people again don’t like doing this. However, if you do swap and trade your clothes with like your sisters, mom or bff, you can actually switch up and create more outfits that way. For instance, let’s just say you want your sister’s cool band tee, and she wants your new striped crop top, then you guys can just exchange and wear each other’s items and compromise that way! And yes, you may or may not get the item forever, but it does make a great way for you to bond and create different outfits from each others wardrobe, without even having to spend a dime.

7. Look For Coupons, Sales & Discounts

I purposely saved the best for last, because this one folks…is a true life saver. If you buy your clothes from either the clearance, sale section or with a coupon/promo code when you check out, I guarantee you your bill will be a whole lot cheaper! It really does save you from paying a hefty bill that you’ll later regret, and is a great way to see how much money you saved. Also, if you’re really into saving even more money; it’s really handy to sign up with discount sites that tell you when certain stores are having a sale, offering a deal or doing certain coupons/codes for like a holiday or what not, and will no joke help you and your wallet out tremendously!

Alrighty, so those were my 7 trusty tips that I have for looking stylish while on a budget! I hope that every single hack helped you in some type of way, and that you learned a few new things on how to still look good without going completely broke.

Ok, see ya!


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  1. These are great tips! I love that you included taking care of yourself in this list because it’s so true and so important – how can you rock any outfit, budget or couture, if you’re not looking and feeling taken care of?

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    1. Thanks! And yes that was the whole point of this post. Suggests tips that can actually be used when you’re saving money!😀


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