Doing The $10 Thrift Challenge With Kali Borovic

All of the thrift finds

Thrifting has always been a fun hobby of mine, ever since the past 5-7 years. So after watching a few thrift challenges on Youtube, I decided that I would give the famous $10 thrifting challenge a try, and see what I could all find.

However, I just didn’t do this challenge all alone, I also tag teamed with another awesome thrifter named Kali Borovic, who’s a fellow fashion blogger on WordPress.

She and I both took on the task to do this super cool challenge, and both agreed to find a whole outfit and accessories under (or right at) $10.00, at any thrift store of our choice. We also agreed that we wanted toย do a Summer day-to-night theme as well, to make the challenge actually seem like a challenge and not just a random find whatever you can type of thing.

So once the rules and regulations were set in place…we began our hunt, and searched for the goodies!

The denim on denim outfit that I picked out from the thrift store

And as you can see…I actually found some pretty good stuff. I found a medium washed chambray shirt that kind of has a loose relaxed fit to it (which I like) and a pair of high waisted Lee jeans that I actually tweezed and cut up into distressed patched shorts. And to finish the look I paired it up with a beautiful golden necklace and bracelet to finish it all off.

The bill only came out to be around $6.00 after all of the sales came off, because a lot of my items that I had, had the tan and yellow tags which was the sale tags of that day! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would have gotten a few more accessories like a bag or maybe sunglasses, since I had $4.00 to waste, but unfortunately the Salvation Army wasn’t looking too good that day, and didn’t have anything that was my style.

But nonetheless, I found four great items that I think are really cool! They can easily transition into a day-to-night look, just by swapping out a few items like my shoes and my bag (that I btw, did not find at the thrift store).

PicMonkey Collage
A cute and fun day look, and a (semi dressy) night look

So there you have it folks, a fun little outfit that can easily go from day-to-night! Don’t forget to check out Kali’s thrift finds too, because she also did the challenge over on her blog as well. So check out her post right here for all the deets!

xoxo – Ariannaโ™ฅ

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  1. I just read Kali’s post, and you ladies both picked out great outfits! And for only $10, what a great idea for a collab :D
    I love that by using accessories and changing your hair, it does make such a drastic change to the outfit! I love those daytime hoop earrings :D


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