7 Ways To Style A Bandana 

As we all know, the bandana trend is having a real moment in fashion right now, and is pretty much everywhere on everyone.

Though if you find yourself liking the trend but having a difficult time incorporating it with the rest of your outfits, then today is your lucky day since I’ll be showing you seven unique ways on how to wear the classic bandana!

So here’s how to style the bandana!



My first and the most favorited way of styling the bandana, is like a headband. This is seriously like my go-to accessory just about every day, because it’s so incredibly simple and quick to just add to my hair. I think it makes a updo look so much more fun, fresh and ’90-ish too!



I have seen bandana chokers in a lot of stores lately, and I love the idea! It gives such a daring, rock’n roll look to your outfit, and makes you instantly stand out. I think anybody who’s style is kind of edgy-cool, would love this, because that’s the vibes it gives off once you style it like a choker.

Western scarf


If you’re into looking like a cowgirl from Texas, then wearing it like the classic western style would be right up your alley. This look is of course super easy to do and can literally transform your outfit into a character from a western movie in a second! And if you’re into that look, then you should definitely try it out.😄



Wearing a bandana as a bracelet, will definitely bring attention to your wrist and hands. This look can make your outfit more boho-easy going or edgy, since it’s so versatile with so many looks. Which is awesome, because then you can pair it with a lot of stuff that’s already in your wardrobe, without having to completely change if you decide to add it as a accessory.



A bandana scrunchie is another fave of mine, only because it makes my hair look so much more fuller and fluffier than what it really is, hahaha! All you have to do is just slide the bandana around your hair, and then fasten it pretty tight until you get a ponytail effect. And bam, you got yourself a bandana scrunchie!

Around a bag


Anybody who’s not too sure about rocking the bandana on their head, neck or hand, this one is for you. You basically just tie your bandana around the bottom of your bag’s handle and you’re pretty much good to go! And, the cool thing about it, is that you can tie it to just about any purse you own, such as a crossbody, a bucket bag, a backpack or just a normal handle bag and it will still look really good.

Neck scarf


This way of course is the french girls way of tying a scarf, and is probably the most popular and most chic way of doing it. I think this look looks so good with like a off the shoulder top, earrings and like some high waisted jeans, to really enhance it to another level. So if you want the ultimate French girl look, this one is definitely for you.

So that’s all the bandana looks I could come up with! I hope you got inspired on how to style the popular trend, and can hopefully rock the bandana in any of these seven looks plus more.

xoxo – Arianna♥

9 thoughts

  1. Yay!!! So happy to see this post pop up!!! THANK YOU!!!
    Loving the Western style, hadn’t thought of that!! And the schrunchie!!!
    And I’m thinking for when in doubt the bag accessory!!!
    Each one of these would work though! Great post!!!


    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t respond right away, for some odd reason your comment went straight to spam and I just came across it now, which is frustrating. But anyways, thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and found it was helpful.:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh that is so annoying… a few people have said that about my comments, no idea how to fix that up…..
        Thank you for sharing it was super helpful for me!! xxx


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