OOTD #14

Top is from Missguided

I know that I literally just wore this shirt in my “7 ways to style a bandana” post, but guys, this shirt is seriously awesome!

And when I say it’s awesome, I am not joking! I love its message, it’s color, it’s design, its fit and just everything about it, to the point that I cannot and probably won’t stop wearing it.

And I have to say, this shirt paired with my leggings, backpack and combat boots is such a look! It’s like laid back, punk-ish and cool, and is probably one of my favorite clothing combos that I have done lately.

Boots are from Amazon
Backpack is from Missguided

I think another reason why I love this tee so much, is that it’s a choker tee. And choker tees are very trendy and popular at the moment, and are so cool since they literally work as a two in one! And two in one things are always cool in my opinion, because it just makes it easier to pair them up with different looks without having to try to hard, you know?

Leggings from Forever 21

But anywho, as you can tell I love this outfit like crazy, but what about you guys? Are you digging it? Because if you are, I would love to hear your opinions about it in the comment section down below, and all of your thoughts.

Alright, bye guys!


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