The Mom Tag


Just to clarify, nobody actually tagged me for this tag but I personally just wanted to do it because I wanted you guys to meet and learn more about my mom!

I thought this would be the perfect tag to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday (Which was actually last week) to kind of honor and shine a light on another decade of her being in my life.😇

So that’s why I decided to do the mom tag questions fused in with some of my own questions as well, to kind of mix it up and do something different on my blog.

So let’s get into the questions!

How old were you when you had your first child?

I was 24 years old when I had my first child back in 1981, and I was three months from turning 40 when I had my last child, which of course is you!

What was the hardest thing about being pregnant for 9 months?

I would say with the first pregnancy, the hardest part was just waiting to see the baby! Each month seemed to take soooo long! Now after the first baby, the hardest part with the rest of my pregnancies would have to be the 9th month, because trying to sleep or rest was difficult.

How has raising children affected your overall personality?

I would say having children settled me. And what I mean is, my priorities changed, I love the whole aspect of giving, teaching, sharing, and growing in areas that actually perfected me as a person. I learned so much about myself through having children! I learned to have more patience, I became more organized with each child, and overall, I just saw myself becoming more seasoned as my children got older.

What has been the hardest thing about being a mom?

I would say the hardest part about being a mom is there is no personal book for YOUR daily challenges. One day everything may go great, the next day, one child may have terrible twos, another one teething, and another one may just not want to share or talk with anyone, and you need wisdom on how to manage good days as well as bad days.

Do you find that being a mom is rewarding, and if so, how?

YES! Becoming a mom was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life! Please don’t get me wrong, motherhood is very challenging, but I also love a good challenge from time to time.😀 I love nurturing each of my children, watching them develop, and just hanging out with them.


What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mom?

I was surprised that as a mother, your job NEVER ends, you’re ALWAYS a mother! When children are younger, it’s more physical, as the children gets older you communicate more to them, and as the child matures you become more of a guidance counselor and listen more. Now that I have 20 and 30-something adults, I find I’m taking lessons from each of my children now.

What is the best memory you have involving your children?

My best memory would be cuddling and breastfeeding each of my children. I always will cherish those moments! Another one is home-schooling. I probably learned more then each of my children did, since it was fun doing field trips and watching each child absorb whatever activity we were doing. That was very challenging, but awesome at the same time and quite the reward!

What was the most exciting milestone that you accomplished now that you just hit 60?

Now that I just turned 60, I would say having good health! Because I walk around our town to do shopping and get quite of bit of exercise.

What is something that your children do that annoy or upset you?

Good question, I rarely get upset with my children, but if I do, it would probably be because of lack of communication on an issue.

Is there anything you would like your children to know that you never mentioned before?

At the present, no, as you know, I’m ALWAYS sharing some food of thought or expressing my view of different life situations with you guys.

What habit of theirs makes you most proud?

All seven children are very hard workers, honest, loving, caring, respectful, especially in the home, and then it carries out into the world.


Do you share any similarities with your children personality wise?

Yes, we all joke and laugh throughout the day, even when we’re sick. A mild joke or comment is made to make someone smile. I love that personality trait.

Where would you like your children to be in 10 years?

 In ten years I would like ALL my children to be in good health, if in a relationship, a healthy one, and doing something that they love to do.

Name one place that you would like to travel to with all of your children.

Just ONE? I would love for us to all take at least one cruise together and visit Mackinac Island together as well. *That was two mom!*😒

Did you imagine that you’d be a mom at the age that you became a mom?

No, I never imagined myself being a mother at 24, I was more career oriented as a young adult. Matter of fact, I spent no time around babies or children, so when I did think about having children it was right after I had got married. I had no idea what motherhood was really all about, but I soon learned fast!

Describe all of your kid’s in three words.

Intelligent, patient, caring.


Do you feel like being a mom is a tough job in this day and age, and what would be your number one advice for new mom’s reading this?

My advice to a new mom would be to spend time knowing yourself, (in prayer and quiet time) because when you’re at peace, the home is at peace. I would also say pick your support group wisely, not everyone will have your back or believe in you. And lastly, communicate with your spouse. Make him your friend, always laugh and make special moments together. It’s important to build a solid and strong foundation as a couple, especially in the early stage of your relationship. Having a child can be rewarding, but challenging, so work together to make it easier. Storms will come, but you will survive together if you talk, laugh and respect one another.

Wow! So that’s it guys. That’s my wonderful mother and her answers and advice to my questions. I hope you enjoyed this pretty long segment of everything mom related, and hopefully learned a thing or two about her, me and about being a mom and raising kids. Thank you guys for reading this and thank you mom for participating in this and I truly hope you guys enjoyed it.

xoxo – Arianna♥


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