July Favorites

July didn’t have too many interesting things that had me going ultra crazy over, but it did have a couple of things that I really liked, which was mainly just clothing and accessories from a haul that I got from Forever 21.

The haul that I got wasn’t a big, super extravagant haul (since I’m trying to save up some moola for a new camera lens) but was more like a baby haul that only consisted of 4 items from a “Black Friday in July” deal that Forever 21 had going on.

So of course since I am saving up my money for camera things, I didn’t really buy or try out too much for last month. So I’ll just talk about this haul as a monthly favorite, since all of the items that I got were definitely a fave of mine for the month of July.

So let’s get into it!

1. Aviator plastic glasses


I mentioned in another blog post about Summer trends for shoes and accessories, that big geek glasses were having a big moment in fashion. And as you can tell, I love the trend! I think the nerdy-hipster geek look can make your outfit a lot more stylish and put-together looking, and like you’re a little more…smarter too.😄 I also love that these particular glasses are made out of plastic instead of real glass like typical prescription glasses, so people who don’t need glasses (like me) can finally sport around a cool pair of frames, without hurting their eyes. Which is something that always annoyed me for the longest time, because I would always find awesome glasses that I couldn’t wear, because they were too strong to just wear around as a fashion statement.

2. Studded choker


To be honest chokers are the type of accessories that I normally don’t wear often, but since it was so cheap and so cute at Forever 21’s website, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s definitely a more edgy-rock’n roll kind of choker, since it has the beautiful silver studs that go all around it for a little extra flare to the black band. I don’t know how many times I’m actually going to wear this choker with my outfits though, but it is a great piece to have for if I ever feel like rocking an edgier look which I do pretty often.

3. Metallic zip up skirt


I have been looking for a skirt like this ever since the Spring time for a reasonable price, and I couldn’t find any! However, this sucker was marked off to like half its original price at the Black Friday in July sale at Forever 21, and was down to just $12.00! Which of course made me so happy because I really do love it’s design, and think it’s so freaking cool looking!

4. Drop-Chain Hoop Earrings


Earrings have been something I’ve been trying to wear and incorporate into my daily outfits recently; which is why I have been buying a lil more than before. And after I found out that Forever 21 earrings are like super affordable and don’t break me out (like how most earrings do) I have been trying to get a good stock pile of all of their earrings that they have. So these dangled hoop ones were such a win-win when I saw them because (A) I loved how they look, and (B) I knew they weren’t going to break the bank, and (C) I knew they weren’t going to break my ears out as well, since I have already purchased a lot of their earrings before with no reactions or problems.

Okey-dokey, that wraps up another monthly favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading some of the things that I really liked for last month, and hopefully got inspired of some of the stuff that I purchased from Forever 21. 🙂



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