How To Mix Prints Like A Pro

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Mixing prints in a outfit can be tricky. And if you don’t know how to do it properly it can look like a hot mess.

Which is why it’s always important to understand the guidelines of patterns, colors and print mixing with your garments, so they can clash but compliment in a beautiful way. Because being that “it” girl that can pair stripes and plaids in one outfit together is something everyone probably dreams of, but isn’t always easy unless you’re a true pro at it.

So let’s get into it!

1. Make sure the colors compliment each other

If the colors look good together, then the prints will look good together too. Which is why it’s so handy to pay attention to what color the print is, so they don’t go against each other. Colors that normally compliment each other are normally colors that are either the total opposite like white and black, or colors that share the same color scheme but just in a different shade, like royal blue and navy, olive green and forest green, purple and magenta, or like white and beige for an example, that can —easily go with each other even if the garments have different prints.

2. Pair smaller prints with more graphic prints.

This step is very important! Because you don’t want to wear a full outfit with big prints since it will cause an illusion of looking bigger and wider, and if you don’t want that, I would advise to stay away from it. Which is why it’s best to pair a small print that will work kind of like a solid neutral, with a more bold print to even out the look. So try to pair simple prints like small herringbone, polka dots or stripes, with a more graphic complex print like florals or animal print, for a better balance.

3. Try to break up the prints

If your style is all about being flashy and flamboyant…then wear print on print! But if you want to look kind of mellow with your print mixing, then I would advise to try to break it up. For example, if you have on a plain top and floral pants, add on a printed sweater or jacket over the top, with solid colored accessories to tone down the look. It just helps draw the eye away from all the prints that you’re wearing, and focus more on your overall outfit since you’re mixing up the prints all through out it.

4. Look for garments that already print block

And last but not least, if you’re super scared to style a printed outfit, try looking for clothes that already do it for you. Sometimes there’s jackets, tops or pants that literally add patch work of different materials or prints, or just have multiple designs on the sleeves that will make it easier for you to pair it up with other clothes. Just remember that if you have a print block garment you can pair it with a solid color garment for either the top or bottom, if you don’t want to look too overdone.

So those are all my tips on how to mix prints like a pro. I hope it helped you learn a bit more on how to style a outfit with more than one print, as well as inspired you to try out a different combo you may have never even used before in your wardrobe!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love these tips! Mixing and matching prints is something I’ve been trying to become better at lately, and these are definitely going to help me. I’m going to bookmark this post so I can come back to it later 🙂

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