20 Outfit Ideas For Back To School 

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It’s back to school season guys, and that means getting craft supplies, pencils, notebooks and of course all of your outfits styled and prepared for when you head back to class.

And I know Summer isn’t officially over with just yet, but I’m pretty sure some of my readers might be going to school earlier than others, and prepping to wrap up all of their school essentials. Which is exactly why I thought to help you out with a bit of back to school outfit ideas, since looking for outfits is probably the number 1 exciting and thrilling thing to do for like 99.9% of people going back to class.

So that’s why I’ve compiled 20 outfit looks from celebrities, Youtubers and popular influencers around the internet, into 5 different categories of edgy, casual, preppy, sporty and boho so you can find the exact inspo that matches you!

So let’s roll with the buses, and get into this!📚✏


PicMonkey Edgy collage
The outfit ideas go from left to right.

Outfit idea 1: If your style is edgy, then moto jackets is probably your best friend. So why not take some inspo from famous Youtube star laurDiy, that paired her moto jacket with a graphic ringer tee, ripped jeans and a classic flannel around her waist, for an edgy cool look.

Outfit idea 2: For this season, step outside the box with a pair of suspenders with one strap hanging down. I think it will automatically give a carefree, slightly undone type of look, that will instantly give your outfit a bit of attitude without looking too sloppy for school.

Outfit idea 3: Who said you can’t pair a sweater with shorts? Because Jourdan Dunn did, and I think the combo looks great! So try it out when you head back to class one day with a cute baseball hat, a backpack and maybe a fresh pair of Dr Martins.

Outfit idea 4: As you’ve probably noticed, leather or faux leather is something edgy gals love! Making this last outfit perfect for you since it’s just a pair of black leather leggings, a black printed tee and chelsea boots, that definitely looks effortless, chic and certainty on point.


PicMonkey Collage casual

Outfit idea 1: For all you girls that like to keep it simple, how about this first outfit that is basic and clean but very stylish to go to school in. It’s trendy but not too flashy and is perfect for running errands too!

Outfit idea 2: if you’re already aware of Tara Michelle, then you already know she’s known for her casual Cali girl style. And if that’s something you’re into, then this classic stripped mock top and denim shorts combo would be a nice, simple ensemble for you.

Outfit idea 3: This outfit is quite similar to the first casual one, but is lighter in color and a little more basic. The mom jeans paired with the sneakers and tee is pretty much the perfect epitome of a casual outfit, while still keeping it comfortable and easy.

Outfit idea 4: Now this outfit is casual, but also really cool. I think the cropped navy sweater with the striped midi skirt is like the perfect combination that goes hand in hand with each other. I also think you could be a high schooler or college student and still wear this outfit, since it’s pretty universal for any age in my opinion.


preppy collage

Outfit idea 1: If you’re the smarty pants in class, then I would advise this outfit for you. It definitely has vibes of knowing your stuff when it comes to doing homework, while also being pretty neat and chic when it comes to dressing. Making it a great go-to outfit for taking test in or just walking the school halls.

Outfit idea 2: Layering a crisp white blouse under your sweater is a great styling trick to wear in class, especially if it’s a bit chilly in there. Which is why this outfit would do wonders during your first days of school around the Fall months, since it will still keep you warm yet put together.

Outfit idea 3: Preppy girls have a way of looking neat and classic but also a little bougie too. So why not try to take some inspo from Tiffany Ma, with her adorable light pink neck scarf, fuzzy beige sweater and velvet skater skirt for school?

Outfit idea 4: Blazers paired with something like sneakers, denim shorts and a tee-shirt can make an outfit more refined and polished looking. So this last outfit is a great little look to wear when you feel like wearing something basic but preppy, since the blazer helps pull all the simple garments together into a fresher look.


PicMonkey sporty Collage

Outfit idea 1: Not to be biased or anything, but sporty style is probably my favorite to talk about because I personally love a good sporty outfit! For example, model Malaika firth is owning this edgy, sporty look with her oversized navy, white and red varsity jacket, that definitely makes her look like the ultimate cool-girl in school.

Outfit idea 2: Zendaya as we all know loves sporty attire and is highly known for her tomboy style. Making her one of my top people for inspiration since I love her street-style, urban looks that she often wears. And this outfit in the picture up above is the perfect proof to show that, since it’s fun, colorful but also really chill.

Outfit idea 3: The great part about sporty outfits, is that it’s also athelisure. Meaning you can show up to school with leggings, Adidas sneakers and your school bag and look totally comfy and cool in your outfit, without looking super lazy or undone.

Outfit idea 4: This outfit might be a lil risky for school, but if you don’t have a dress code, why not try it! It’s perfect for if you’re ever running late to class and need something quick but cute to wear, since it’s just a big sweater, fishnets, a bag and some slippers that you can just slip right into before you leave your house.


PicMonkey Collage boho

Outfit idea 1: This outfit is also great for when you’re running late, since it’s a romper, and due to rompers working both as a top and a bottom, it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re running behind for class; since your outfit is pretty much done for you.

Outfit idea 2: Adding a cute little kimono over your shoulders, is like the perfect addition to your outfit if your style is bohemian. Just pair it with a cute messager bag or a crossbody purse like in the picture up above, and you will instantly look like you belong to Coachella even though you’re just in school.

Outfit idea 3: If your style is like semi-boho, then this look would be right up your alley! It’s not like super hippy and free-spirited, but it still has elements of the typical carefree, boho vibe from the dress; while playing it all down with the high tops and denim jacket that make it more casual.

Outfit idea 4: Audrie Storme is a perfect example for boho style, since she loves everything floral, flowy, lacey and down to earth looking. So this criss cross white flower patterned dress could be a perfect outfit for back to school, especially with a pair of white gladiator sandals, a few bracelets and a backpack across your back.

And that’s all the outfits I have for back to school! I know I didn’t cover all styles that’s out there for you to see or get inspired from, but I just wanted to cover the top 5 styles that I think are most common amongst people. So sorry if I didn’t get into your particular style that you have or into the whole school dress codes, because I know the post would have been super long and I didn’t want to bore any of you. Lol! But anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.



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