Get To Know Me With The 11 Questions Game!


The very talented Olivia from Absolutely Olivia, has nominated me to do the 11 questions game, which basically is a fun little tag that ask 11 random questions that pretty much range from anything.

And funny enough, I was literally going to post a get to know me tag today, but then I saw Olivia awarded me for this game, and I thought “hey why not do this one instead since it’s pretty much the same thing”. So thanks Olivia for reading my mind and choosing me to do this because it was quite a coincidence. Hahaha!

Alright, so lets dive into her questions:


What is something you strongly believe in?

I believe in a lot of things! But something that is at the top of my belief list is God. I was born and raised a Christian and I will always be. I think my faith is really important and is something I never want to lose or detach from, because without God or the bible I feel like my life would be in shambles.

Did you dive straight into blogging or did you do your research first?

I kind of did my research on it, but it wasn’t anything in depth. It wasn’t actually until the second year of blogging did I actually start researching more hard core, and taking tips and inspo from other established bloggers that I knew. Because before hand, making this blog was a bit of a random decision that just kind of blossomed into something more.

In 3 years, where would you like to be in life and what do you want to be doing?

I really want to be a personal fashion stylist, that is like my life goal! I would love to start up my own online virtual stylist business one day, and style people online by shipping them clothes, having Sykpe calls, and talking about what they’re looking for in their new wardrobe and in their style. I feel like that would be such a fun dream job!

Name 2 of your life goals and explain them.

Like I just mentioned, I would love to have my own virtual personal stylist business one day, because it’s a passion of mine. And the second one would probably to be able to live in Chicago in a condo. I don’t know why but I just have a mad obsession with Chicago and feel like that’s the place I need to be living in.


If you could have dinner with anyone, who and what would you talk about?

I would have dinner with Jesus, because then you could know all the secrets of the world that you didn’t even know about. I would probably ask him a lot of questions about biblical things, to things happening now, to my life and just about anything that I ever questioned or wanted more info about, because I think that would be super interesting.

Who is your style inspiration in general and why?

I tend to look for a lot of inspiration with many people! But if I had to pick a specific person, I think Zendaya’s street style is really cool. I’m not too king about her red carpet looks but I do really admire her sporty style that she typically wears when she’s just walking down the street or something.

What is your definition of a “perfect” world?

I don’t know if there will ever be a such thing, especially since we have Trump as a president. Hahaha!😜 But to be truly honest, I think a perfect world could not be possible unless everybody did not sin. The sad thing about today’s world is that it’s filled with a lot of corruption and deceit, people have been deceived into believing a lot of lies, false teachings/religions and believing that good is bad, and bad is good. You can’t get a perfect world if people aren’t perfect. And to me, the only way that can happen is if everybody called on Jesus, dropped all of their sins and really committed themselves to being a christian. And that would be a perfect world in my opinion.


How has blogging changed your life and you as a person?

My blog is not a super popular, bustling blog…it’s just not. So to be completely honest it hasn’t really changed my life like that. Don’t get me wrong there has been some changes like taking pictures more often and interacting with a few brands and bloggers, but nothing about my blog so far really impacted my life like that.

If people were like plain books, in the sense that we couldn’t judge them by their cover but only by the blurb on the back, what would you write about yourself?

Hmmm, this is a good question, I guess it would go something a little like this…

Arianna is a 20 year-old fashion blogger that loves dressing up everyday and looking her best. She is constantly finding trends and inspiration for her wardrobe and loves trying out new looks and shopping for clothes.

She also loves to make meals and whip up tasty treats just about every single day for her family, and thinks it’s very therapeutic to make and experiment with different seasonings and recipes.

But not only does she love fashion and cooking, Arianna is a strong believer in the bible and her faith, as well as researching past history, artifacts and discovering new things about the world she’s living in. She doesn’t often tell everybody about these other passions (besides her family) but she does hope to one day expand her knowledge with other people, and tell them about the many discoveries and facts she has found out throughout her life and what she all knows.

What does success mean to you?

Success means being happy and content of who you are as an individual, and meeting your expectations and goals in life. That’s success my friends.

Where/when do you feel most at peace?

Being at home with my family, and just relaxing in the comfort of my own home. I feel like I’m less worrisome or nervous and can just be me when I’m in my room or what not. Because I like being outside, but I often get a bit shy around strangers or sometimes feel a bit self conscious about something, and I don’t really feel at peace you know? But when I’m at home I just feel like I can talk, do or look like however I want, without being judged which is awesome.


So those were all the questions Olivia asked me. I feel like this tag/questioner was probably the most personal I got since I typically don’t share too much about myself (which is something I’m trying to kind of work on more). So let me know if you would like more post about religion, politics or just personal thoughts from me, since I normally just stick with fashion all the time. But anyway, thanks again Olivia for tagging me for this, and thank you everybody for reading these 11 questions.

By the way, anybody who wants to participant in this and answer Olivia’s questions, feel free to do so! Because I would love to hear all of you guys answers to these too, because I had a lot of fun doing this.

Have a wonderful day!


14 thoughts

  1. Ahhh I can’t believe I didn’t see this post until now! I’m glad you did this tag, and I can totally relate to lots of your answers. I, too, am obsessed with Chicago and Zendaya is so someone I look up to for style inspo. She slays in absolutely everything!! Being a personal stylist sounds like tons of fun girly! Great post and answers :)

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  2. I love “get to know” blogger posts – I’m so glad you did one. :) I hope you do start your online styling business one day; it’s something fashion hopeless people like me need! I especially love that you’ve thought through the personal aspect of it (Skype calls, yes please!) because I feel like that’s something that gets lost in things like StitchFix and TrunkLove.

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    1. Yes exactly! People always complain about those online services because (A) it seems like the stylist don’t know what they’re doing. And (B) they’re missing important questioners and Skype calls that could actually give them a guide on how to dress their clients! So because of that, a lot of people are never really happy with the clothes they send, and waste money on a terrible service.😄

      Thank you so much for reading!💕

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