Popular Trends For The Fall

Ever since designers presented their Fall 2017 collections on the runway, there’s been plenty of trends that people have been buying and planning to buy for their Autumn wardrobes. Some trends just kind of stuck to the runway and people never really caught onto it, while other trends made it to the streets, malls, catalogues, etc, because people actually loved them and wanted to wear them in their everyday life.

That’s why I re-scanned the catwalks for the most wearable takeaways that people have been wearing a lot, that include everything from zip up skirts, oversized hoodies, embroidery, mesh tops, lined sweat pants and more, that you probably want to get your hands on for this upcoming season too.

So check out the top 7 trends for the Fall that I’ve been seeing everywhere on everyone:

Zip Up Skirts

zip up skirts

Lately I have been noticing a lot of zippers on clothing, and especially on skirts. This trend has been spotted on various street style stars and Youtubers that have been slaying the trend pretty frequently, like IamKereno, TheLineUp and Mary Seng from Happily Grey. I think the middle zipper on the skirt really adds a great detail, and can make a very minimal skirt a little more interesting and stylish.

Oversized/Boxy Hoodies

big hoodie trend

Anybody who loves hoodies should love this trend. The oversized boxy hoodies are having a huge moment right now in fashion, and were a great hit among many models during New York fashion week. This trend is of course perfect for the approaching Fall season since it’s a great layering piece to wear over your tee shirts or long sleeve tops to keep you warm.


embroider trend

Embroidery is still going strong, and hasn’t left just yet. We seen it a lot last year, earlier this year, and even now like in Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and many websites and stores that have been putting tons of embroidery on their clothing. Meaning a sweater with some cute appliques would be a perfect pick for this year’s Autumn if you still want to rock the trend.

Mesh/See Through Tops

sheer trend

Netted tops, mesh tops and sheer tops are also a very big hit in the fashion world, and are wildly popular on Instagram if you haven’t already noticed. I think this trend would be great over a brallete or camisole, and would look really cool under a graphic tee with just the arm part showing, especially if you wanted to sport a light, layered look for the early Fall months.

Lined Sweats

sweat trend

Tracksuits in general are becoming a thing now, but the sweat pant bottoms with the stripe going down seems to really be a thing. This trend you could say is inspired by the whole athleisure style that’s been going around for a few years now, since it’s very chill, sporty and laid back. Making it a perfect got-to pant for when you feel like lounging around your house, or making a few errands around town.


sued trend

Suede is like the perfect material for Fall. And the best part about it is that it’s very versatile with so many pieces. It can be worn on a jacket, skirt, hat, boots and many other clothing and accessory garments, that can be paired with other suede items or by itself. I think the material is perfect for this approaching season, and would be a great addition to anybody looking to try out a popular trend that’s settle but still pretty noticeable if worn out.


gigham trend

This distinct checkered print was pretty popular throughout fashion week, and was seen in so many shows, like Carolina Herrera, Blumarine, Peter Pilotto, House Of Holland, Pringle of Scotland and so many other fashion shows. This print is like the new plaid for this year, and is probably one of the top prints for 2017 among many fashion designers and popular influencers. I feel like it’s a great simple but preppy print that people will no doubt wear during this upcoming Fall, because it’s literally everywhere!

So that was my list of popular clothing trends for next season. I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing some of these new or re-occurring pieces that have been popping up quite a bit, and hopefully got inspired to test out some of these trends for your wardrobe.🙂

Bye guys!


11 thoughts

  1. You really have a great eye for these trends – I am so loving the oversized hoodie trend because it’s the laziest and comfiest thing ;) also the middle zip on the skirt is pretty cool but I’m so clumsy I’m scared I’ll unzip it accidentally 😅

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  2. I loved this post! My favourite trend is probably the hoodie one, because it’s just so easy and comfortable. I have been really enjoying cropped ones lately (wearing one right now) Xx

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