Styling Fishnet Socks

We have entered a point in time where fishnet stockings are extremely trendy. They’ve being worn under jeans, worn with skirts and dresses, and even worn high-waisted under crop tops and hoodies. The stockings are like a cool second layer that can make anything you wear a little bit more interesting and extra, while elevating your outfit to another level.

But even though they’re very trendy at the moment, they can also be kind of intimidating if you don’t know how to pair them up just right. That’s why fishnet socks would probably be your best bet for if you don’t want to be super bold with the full-on stockings, since the socks are a lot more mellow and easy to style (without making you feel too uncomfortable if you’re still new to the fishnet trend).

Which is why I thought to show you guys three looks of how I styled the fishnet socks, for anybody who would like to dabble into the oh-so popular style of fishnets for themselves; since I’ll be showing you guys three different looks that include heels, slippers and sneakers that you could easily recreate for yourself (or just get inspo from).

So take a look on how I paired my fishnet socks:

Outfit 1

Camo jacket is from Romwe and top is from Dresslink
Socks and heels are from Amazon
Skirt is from Forever 21

Outfit 2

Top is from Amazon
Shoes are from Amazon
Joggers are from Kohl’s

Outfit 3

Sweater is from Romwe
Slippers are from Soda
Backpack is from Amazon

Ok guys, that’s all my outfits on how I styled the fishnet sock trend! Let me know what you think about the fishnet trend, as well as your thoughts about my three outfits that I shared with you guys. (:



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