August Favorites

To be dead honest, I actually wasn’t going to do a August favorites because I thought I literally had no favorites for last month. But the more I kept thinking about it, the more I realized I actually had quite a bit of favorites that I could share with you guys, that didn’t even cross my mind at first.

And, the interesting part about these faves, is that they consist of only two themes…and that’s technology and skin care. Which are two things that are typically not a personal favorite of mine, but apparently became a favorite for the month of August since all four of these things are in those two categories (which is weird).

But anyway check out the tech stuff and skin care products that I have been into lately.

My New Phone


So the first thing that I loved for last month, is my new phone. I was originally supposed to get a new camera lens for my Nikon D3300 in August, but my phone that I was using before this one decided to randomly die on me, which forced me to take out the saved money for the camera lens and buy a somewhat newer phone for myselfWhich was a bit of a random set-back yet blessing at the same time, since I now finally have a better phone to use, that actually has better features that I think are really nice. And even though I really wanted to get a new lens for my Nikon, I’m glad that I actually have a phone that’s reliable, newer and that actually works smoother and faster, instead of using a phone that can’t even get pass the main start up screen when I turn it on.

Caress Body Wash


Now the second favorite is Caress brown sugar body wash scrub. This body wash literally smells divine and works amazing! And at first when me and my sister first picked it up at Wallgreens, I didn’t think it was going to smell or work the way it did. But this one is super good and is on the level of the Olay strawberry bodywash I talked about in my June favorites, which again, was another shocker for me, since I’m not into body washes like that. So I don’t know what’s up with me and these skin care products but I’m really starting to get into them more and more, and have been really obsessed with those two body washes smell and how they work.

Instagram Stories


So this one coincides with the first favorite, since it’s dealing with my phone but slightly different because it’s about my Instagram Stories since I have been using it like crazy! And that’s only because my new phone has a decent looking camera that can finally capture all the cute Koila faces or bunny filters on me, unlike my old crappy one that made everything look like a 2 mega pixel blur!๐Ÿ˜‚ But anyway, I use Instagram Stories a lot now thanks to my new phone and love capturing my everyday life with it, because I think it’s so fun! So make sure to check out my Instagram page and my Instagram Stories to see what’s going on in my life, cuz I am doing it like non-stop.

Aveeno Lotion

The blue tag is not a part of the lotion, my sister was being silly and stuck it on top of it.

Ok so onto the last favorite, which is the Aveeno lavender and chamomile lotion! This lotion obliviously fits within the skin care category (since it’s a lotion duh) but is really lovely and soft with its scent. It’s not too loud and over powering like some scented lotions, but at the same time isn’t too mellow and soft when you put it on. So I love that it sticks for awhile, while also making my skin feel really hydrated and soft for quite some time, which is always a win-win, because nobody wants to look a crusty, ashy zombie. Hahaha!๐Ÿ˜†

And that’s all for my favorites for the month of August, I hope you enjoyed some of the tech and fragrance thingies that I liked! Let me know if you guys have tried out any of the stuff I just named and your thoughts about them, because I would love to hear your opinions if you did, and how they worked for you.




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