I’m Adding A New Series Called Random Chit Chats!

random chats copy

Hey girlies!

Today I thought to come on and tell you about a special series that will be coming to my blog, called random chit chats. Random chit chats will be about me chatting or ranting (however you want to call it) about random topics that come to mind, that will range from anything that I would like to chat or express my thoughts about.

I feel like this series will help you guys get to know me a bit more, as well as help bring more awareness to certain problems that’s going in this world that I think are very important to talk about.

For example, in this series I will bring up issues that range from political issues, conspiracy theories, problems in the fashion industry, media and other random things that I have an opinion or problem with, that I would like to address. I want this series to start up conversations, thoughts and questions and really help enlighten minds to think outside the box.

I am not starting up this series to start up arguments or disbelief in the comment section (because I don’t like that) but I just wanted this series to bring out issues in the modern world, yet still being peaceful if that makes sense.

So yeah, the series will be called random chit chats and will probably premier later this month, with topics that range from anything in the list I mentioned up above. So stay tuned for it! And get ready for this new and deep series that I think will be a great addition to Aricouture.

Thanks for reading!


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