Top 5 Shoe & Accessory Trends For The Fall

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I don’t know if you remember or not, but sometime in May or June I blogged about the top 5 shoe and accessory trends for the Summer time, that included items like geek glasses, slip-ins, bandanas and a few other popular trends for the Summer, that I thought were a huge hit.

But today, I’m going to be talking about the top 5 shoe and accessory trends for the Fall time, that have been popping up quite a bit in various places, or slowly building up into becoming bigger trends for the season.

So without further ado, check out the top 5 shoe and accessory trends, that I think is…and will be big for the Fall time:

1. Fur bags

Fur bag trend

Fur bags are definitely making an entrance to the fashion world, and have been spotted in a lot of fashion shows. For instance, Fendi, Micheal Kors, Bluemarine, Calvine Klien and many other top designers have been adding these furry bags to their Fall collections. And the great part about these fur bags, is that they seem to range from clutches, cross-body’s, hand bags, backpacks to just about any type of bag on the market, in all sorts of colors and fur materials to pick from.

2. Thigh high boots

Tall boots

Ok, so you may see this trend a lot on the Kardashians, but it was also very popular on the runways and in stores too. I have seen tall thigh high boots pretty much in every store for the past year to two years now, and I seriously doubt that this trend will go anywhere for a long time. So prepare to see more sky high, laced, suede to leather boots in stores or on celebrities because this trend is mega hot and will be staying in the scene for quite some time.

3. Fanny packs

fanny pack pic

Fanny packs are typically not something I like, and think are quite ugly to be honest. However, they are getting reinvented as a fashion statement by being worn over the chest or like a small backpack, with different designs to look less like a tourist bag. I think if paired right, this fanny pack trend could be kinda cool, and make an outfit a lot more unique and fresh in a unexpected way.

4. Narrow ankle boots

skinny ankle boots

Now this trend my friends, takes the case of being everywhere in fashion shows. I know I say that with just about every trend, but seriously, this one was. The fitted ankle boot was showcased in shows from Dior, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Prabal Gurung, Balenciaga, and the list goes on, on how many designers showed these boots. I think these boots look great with a pair of cropped flared pants for that retro 1970-ish look, or with a cute fitted skirt to really show off your legs when you want a more flirty look.

5. Newsboy hats

newsboy hat

And for the last trend? Well, it’s newsboy hats. I at first listed brooches down for this last one, but scrapped that out for this one instead, because I realized this trend was a much bigger hit on celebrities and in stores. But anyhow, this hat trend is perfect for if you want to rock an edgy-cool, model off duty look for the Fall time, while keeping your head warm if it’s bit chilly out. I absolutely love this trend, and will most definitely be buying one of these hats very soon because I think they’re so chic and effortless, with a crazy amount of style.

And that concludes the top shoe and accessory trends for 2017. Thanks for stopping by and reading, and I hope this post gave you some inspo and new clothing ideas for the Fall time!



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