5 Tips To Make Your Old Clothes Look New Again

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Wearing the same clothes can be boring, and can definitely get old when you constantly show up to school, work or even in your house wearing the same thing over and over again. That’s why it’s important to spice up your wardrobe every so often, by simply upcycling or DYI-ing the items that you have.

Not only will changing up your old clothes make people think you went on a shopping spree and bought new clothes for your wardrobe, but it will also make you look totally stylish and trendy. And who wouldn’t want that?

So here’s how to turn your old clothes hip again!

Distress or fray them

Whether you want to take your old pair of skinny jeans and rip them in the knees, or take your really old pair of flared jeans and fray them at the bottom, this trick can instantly renew your old garments into something that most trend-setters wear today. It’s also cool because you can use the same technique for your pants with your tops too, and can make your own frayed/fringed tank tops or distressed hoodies, sweaters or choker tees as well, which is actually another look that’s really popular right now.

Bleach them

Acid wash and mineral washed clothes aren’t necessarily trending at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock them. So why not take an old garment and jazz it up for an ’80s-edgy twist, and diy it into something you don’t even have. I feel like this trick would be so freaking cool on a oversized denim jacket or on some light washed jeans to make your entire look a little more fun and different.

Add patches

So we’re all aware that the patch trend is in a lot of the stores right? So picking up a pack of cute patches for like $8 at Amazon or your local craft store would be a great way to add some flare and personality for cheap. I have personally done this trick with my jeans (which I did a post about) and absolutely loved it! It really does help give the piece you’re decorating so much life and energy.

Cut your clothes to a shorter length

If you’re the type of person that’s not into holey, bleached or patched clothing then this one might be more up your alley, since you’re just cutting your clothing into a shorter version of what it already is. So if you want to cut a really long skirt into a shorter skirt just cut it off to the length that you want, and you got a shorter skirt! Or, if you want to turn your old tee into a crop top, you can absolutely do that by doing the same thing and cutting off the bottom half of the top to create an entire new tee-shirt. The list literally goes straight down the line of how many garments you can do this with, that will make them look far more cuter, different and more liberating too.

Style them differently

Old clothes will constantly keep looking like old clothes if you don’t style them differently. So step outside of the box and pair them with other clothing combinations that you don’t do often. For example, if you have an old dress that you’re not too sure about and want to toss, you can easily layer it over a tee shirt to make it look more trendy. Or, if you have an old pair of pants that you’re just not feeling into, don’t be afraid to cuff the hem of the pants, or add some funky suspenders or a unique belt, to make it more interesting. Sometimes all it takes is a creative mind to do some creative styling!

And that concludes my tips on making old clothes look new without spending money or very little money. Let me know in the comments down below some of your tricks for renewing your wardrobe, and how you pair up old clothes to look new again.

xoxo – Ariannaโ™ฅ

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    1. That’s so cool I hope it comes out good!

      You do know though you can also use iron patches on your clothes too, and it will look exactly the same. The only thing is sometimes they’re not so great in the washer, but I think that all depends on the brand as well.


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