Diy No Lens Glasses


Have you guys ever purchased a pair of prescription or plastic see-through glasses and then realized they hurt your eyes or just didn’t look good?

Well that happened to me. I got a pair of round, $6.00 cheap glasses that had plastic as their lenses on Amazon, thinking they would be a cool fashion piece that would make me look a bit smarter and hip. However, when I received them they managed to hurt my eyes and cause weird reflections, and made my vision go wack if I wore them too long. Which was weird since they weren’t even prescription glasses but were just made out of cheap plastic!

My other square, clear glasses from Forever 21 (that I mentioned in a favorites post) don’t seem to suffer from this problem as bad as these Amazon one’s do, which is why I thought to do something about these round ones and fix them up.

And by fixing…I mean DIY-ing them into something more wearable and a bit more colorful since they were just a boring silver color that needed a bit of flare and fun to them.

So take a look on how I DIY-ed my glasses into being more comfortable and cool.


So the first thing that I did was snap out those annoying plastic frames! Because that’s what was hurting my eyes and making them unbearable. So I achieved this by taking a blow dryer to loosen up the frames so they could pop out easier, and then pressed my finger down on the plastic until they snapped out. It did take a bit of pressure and strength, but eventually the lenses popped out without shattering or breaking, and came out perfectly intact.

It still ended up looking like red anyways, so I was good.

The next thing I did was whip out my finger nail polish. I was going to paint them red (because you know, It’s trending) but then I realized I had very little red fingernail polish, and went with a hot pink-ish red one instead. I wanted these glasses to stand out and be unique, so this color was what I went for.


Then I started to paint the glasses by coating it on the left side, and then making my way to the other side. I tried to do it as neat as possible but as we all know, nail polish always likes to clump up and get messy which made things a bit complicated. I guess pink spray paint would have been better, but since it wasn’t on hand I just used what I had and did what I had to do.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


And after painting, I just applied some clear nail polish to make it less lumpy and to preserve its coat longer, and then let the glasses air dry for about 20 minutes until they were completely dry.


 I’m posing like I have a toothache, even though I don’t have one, haha!😂

So here is the finished product after I DIY’d them. Overall I think the glasses look really good and are so much more easy to wear now, now that they’re lens free and have no weird reflective plastic.

I will give this project a five out of five, because I am really happy with how it all turned out. I don’t know exactly how many times I will wear them since they’re kind of eccentric, but nonetheless I had fun DIYing them!

xoxo – Arianna♥

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  1. These are so cute!!! I love how you turned a bad online shopping buy into a cool DIY! I thought you spray painted them when I first saw them, but using nail polish was definitely smarter. 😂 The color goes fantastic with your skin tone, as well.

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